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Blog Tour: Romantic Tales Bedtime Stories: Episode 4

Romance, Erotica, Fantasy and PNR.
Date Publsihed: 3/29/13

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories has a little of everything. From your everyday Contemporary Romance (The Getaway) To your Hot and Heavy Rockers turned Werewolves (Crave) and your Sci-Fi/Paranormal with Erotic overtones…. (The Genesis Project) Each Episode will entice its readers, draw them in. A quick Bedtime story before they dream, keeping them pleasantly satisfied while peaking their interests for next month’s installment. All for 99 cents. During the interim there will be previews of next month’s Episode…

In Season 2 of Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories the Authors have all added a little something more. Ms. Ross continues with Mike and Juliet’s Contemporary Romance, in Nothing Else Matters. This story takes place after the wedding. Ms. Eden takes you on a journey three thousand years plus into the future where female assassins get down to business in Red Hawk Mercenary Group: Ghost. Ms. Langston brings you into a world of Contemporary Romance where a woman can go online and order the man of their dreams in Mail Order Groom. 

Read a book before bedtime and fall in love with Romantic Tales.

My Review:
This is more of an Anthology. There are 3 different stories, but only parts of each. The Authors are putting out monthly episodes of their books. So, you are left wanting more at the end of each novel, but they are definitely worth the wait. I think its great because there is a little bit for everyone. It's perfect for those out there who have reading A.D.D. Anyone who reads multiple stories at once, and I know there are alot out there, this would definitely be your cup of tea.

Find Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories


Tigris Eden:

There is really not much to say... I love to write, read, and listen to music. My attempt at a music career sadly ended at the Apollo one warm night in May! LOL (Side note: I was not booed just outdone by two munchkins rapping to Biggy Smalls but they were good!)

Military brat extraordinaire; have traveled to a lot of interesting places. 

The very first time I put pen to paper in story fashion, was in 6th grade. It was called The Case of the Missing Pepperoni. 

It was a cute mystery where all the ingredients and shop appliances came to life when the store owner closed up for the evening.

Ty Langston:

As a child, multi-published author Ty Langston loved to read about dragons and knights so much that one day, her grandmother told her to "just write about them." So she did.
From that day forward, she never left home without her pen, a notebook, and some kind of music playing in the background. Her love of reading expanded from fantasy into science fiction, and eventually into paranormal romance and erotica.
She enjoys different works from George Martin, Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King, and Jackie Collins. But some of Ty's favorite writers are from the world of TV and film: namely, Tudors creator Michael Hirst, and the late John Hughes.
Ty has a certificate in Broadcast Journalism along with a degree in Business Administration. She is single and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Riley Ross:

To date I haven't published anything yet but I love to write wrestling fan fiction, romance and
light erotica. I will be married for fifteen years this month to my best friend and Prince Charming
all rolled into one. I am mommy to two Syberian Huskies.

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Blog Tour: Princess Miri by Cerys du Lys

Erotica/Erotic Romance (Medieval Fantasy-ish)
Date Published: 3/10/13

Princess Miri is a bitch and the heir to the throne and she might have accidentally fallen in love with  a monster. 
It's common knowledge that everyone hates Miri, which is why it surprises her when her rival gives her a  pet troll servant for her eighteenth birthday. Thump, as Miri names the husky monster, will do everything  she asks. Or that's what she thinks. 
When her demands lead to experimentation and sexual teasing, Miri realizes this isn't quite the case. One  disobeyed order ends with a bang, literally, and her and Thump in an unclothed, carnal mess atop her nowbroken bed. 
A troll coupling with a human? Disgusting!  She should be furious! Irate! And maybe she is, but she's curious, too...  She never thought she could open up to anyone before, always believed she needed to act harsh and stern in  order to ascend to the throne. Unfortunately for Miri, while she discreetly explores her taboo sexuality with 
Thump, someone's plotting to exploit her shameful secret and ruin the Princess's reputation... 
Alluring, erotic, and playful. This provocative story of a Princess and her troll will delight you, entice you,  and keep you excited long after you're done. 
This book is intended for mature audiences


My Review:
This one is a bit odd and takes a bit to get used to. I have read Erotica in all forms and this one definitely threw me for a loop. I liked the uniqueness of the blot. The king factor in this one is off the charts. So is the steaminess. 

What was interesting, was the fact that the main woman in this was the evil one from the beginning and she is the one who grows throughout the story. I liked that is was flipped. Instead of Bad Boy, you have Bad Girl.

If you like SEX in abundance in your Erotica, this one will not let you down. Just make sure you prepare yourself for the odd choice of sexual partners. 

Buy Links
Amazon (US) Trade Paperback - 
Amazon (US) eBook - 
Amazon (UK) Trade Paperback -
(They're running a 10% off promotional discount here)

Cerys has charted on numerous best sellers and hot new release lists internationally with multiple books.
 She lives in the Greater Boston area in a small town in New Hampshire. She spends her days writing, reading, learning, and working. And maybe sometimes she flirts with the mailman. Some of her most favorite activities involve understanding and learning about emotions and relationships.
 She adores pondering sexuality and sensualness. Most of her writing delves into this in some way, exploring reactions and relationships between different people. While she enjoys writing erotica and erotic romance, her goal is to also keep a certain literary appeal to the writing instead of something purely pornographic. Every story she writes has a delightful plot along with the more devious and delicious scenes we all want to read.
 She prefers romance settings, with the occasional monster or fairytale. Her secret kinks include reluctance, interesting paranormal creatures, romance(even with monsters), and fun. She loves writing about all of these things, though very strongly acknowledges that fantasies are fiction and nothing more.

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PROMO Blitz: The Order of the Black Swan by Victoria Danann

The Order of the Black Swan
By Victoria Danann

Paranormal Romance / Fantasy
Date to be Published: 2/14/2013


Synopsis:  Discover a world of adult fantasy where modern day knights of a secret society 
interact with an alien, a witch, a demon, a psychic, a berserker, a most unusual vampire, 
werewolves, elves, and fae. Fairytales intersect adventure, romance, and emotion proving 
that true love can find you in the strangest places, even when you're least expecting it, 
even when you're far, far from home.
This is a compilation of the first three installments of the Black Swan serial saga

Victoria Danann


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Blog Tour: Secret Desire by Susan D. Taylor (Interview)


The problem with twins is that they look so much alike…

By day, Claire Robertson is a staff writer for a small publication in Seattle. But when the lights go down, she writes sizzling and oh-so-naughty erotica. She keeps these stories safely tucked away, hiding her secret fantasies of her hero, Dustin Murray. The man who stole her heart six years ago. And then jumped into bed with her twin sister.

Dustin never forgot Claire, or her twin sister’s lies that tricked him into sleeping with her. Nor has he forgotten that her sister’s threats have kept him silent for six years and cost him the woman he loved. Now that Claire’s returned home, Dustin isn’t about to lose her again. But it’ll be another thing to convince Claire he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to win her back.

When Claire accidentally sends the wrong story to her editor, things really heat up. With hot the new black in publishing, her editor thinks he’s struck gold and queues the story for publication. The last thing Claire needs is for everyone to learn that she’s got secrets of her own…

Author Interview 

Yes. That writing without a pen name requires consideration. Especially, when the
subject matter is provocative. The story of Secret Desire is construed as metafiction
(using a story within a story to explore pop-culture i.e. Fifty Shades of Grey

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Expressing the sensuality between characters. The connection. And how to draw
this relationship from start to finish. The level of sensuality, conveying the most
intimate act between two people, and the layering of emotions requires a delving
into whom they are their flaws or humanity and allowing another to be deeply part
of their lives.

How many books have you written and which is your favorite?
Secret Desire was my first manuscript contracted. To date, I’ve two books released.
Two due out in April, Tempted by Trouble, and Blood Brothers. I’ve contracted
another, an erotic paranormal due out in September.

To ask that question is akin to querying a mother which child is her favorite. LOL.
It depends which one is behaving—possibly. The ones still in edits are worrisome,
and I wonder if I’ll make the right choices. The ones out require promotion or a
hand. And then the ones about to release, I’m anxious. They all occupy my mind,
and there are favorite aspects for each.

I like Secret Desire specifically because of Fran, Claire’s twin sister. She represents
the heroine’s shadow figure. Fran does what she wants, no matter how it hurts
others. It was so much fun to write someone so ego driven, developing her from
a character portrait. She’s hugely wounded, and her story Savage Secret may or
may not get picked up for publishing since it’s not exactly a traditional love story.
There’s a reason it’s savage.

If You had the chance to cast your main character from Hollywood today, who
would you pick and why?

Oh golly. For other books, I sometimes use images of the characters. This one I
actually used stock images.

Let’s see for Claire let’s go with Ivanka Trump because everyone knows she’s
perfect for Claire and Fran (all that Louis Vuitton luggage), and I believe (cough)
secretly she wants to be an actress. This will be her chance.

Dustin, undeniably I’m casting Orlando Bloom. Squeee!!! I can see him sporting ear
ring and riding motocross. Can’t you???

When did you begin writing? In the summer of 2011, I seriously considered writing.
I began with an online course and studied like a fiend. How long did it take to
complete your first book?

My first manuscript is just that. I made so many mistakes. Too many. But the
manuscript for Secret Desire was finished in four days. I blaze through writing. It
started out as a novella, a tease at 28K words. When it was published, it had grown
to shy of 50K.

Did you have an author who inspired you to become a writer? My father was a
writer of philosophy. It was one of those challenges, like a bucket list item. He
passed away before I became a teacher. His memory of me was a very, very black
sheepish. Lucky for me, life is full of surprises.

What is your favorite part of the writing process?

It’s not editing I can tell you. I love the part when the story is so tight in my mind
it starts telling itself. All I have to do is type. It pours out. I use a synopsis and at
times, the story veers off-course as if the one of the characters are saying, “I don’t
think so! This is how it goes.”

Describe your latest book in 4 words.
Metafictional romance – ice needed

Can you share a little bit about your current work or what is in the future for your

Currently, I’m writing the second book in the Series, Lovers and Fighters at
Evermore Ranch. The Cowboy Rode a Harley. Stephen McLemore finds Sara
Sinclair full of spit-n-vinegar, enough to irritate him down to the bone, and then
some. She’s an unforgettable woman and he does the unthinkable, asks her out on a


"I love the concept of falling in love. The type of romantic journey that is so intense, it's borders on insanity."--Susan D. Taylor

After growing up in Miami, she moved to Nashville where she taught biology and special education. No longer a public school teacher, Susan now writes about consuming passion, how attraction plays out, and characters that are either going to incinerate or meld like warm caramel.

Susan lives with her husband, two blue heelers, two cats, a gecko and a snake. An RYT 200 (Yoga Alliance) practicing in vinyasa flow when she's not writing her next hot romance.

I will have my review up in the next day or two. 

Catching Up

I am running behind on this blog and I apologize to any Authors / Tour Companies that have suffered because of this.

I will be playing catch up this week.

Sorry again, I hope to have everything completed by Friday!

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PROMO: Crazy Dumplings by Amanda Roberts

Crazy Dumplings Cook Book
By Amanda Roberts

Hi! My name is Amanda and I am an American who has been living, writing, and cooking in China for nearly three years. China’s favored dish, the dumpling (or jiaozi in Chinese), can be found on every street corner, in every restaurant, and in every kitchen in China, but they are all pretty much prepared the same way: a bit of meat, some garlic and ginger, and a bit of vegetables if you’re lucky. Even a visit to the freezer section at any grocery store displays hundreds of packages of dumplings that all look and taste the same.  

But the dumpling is so versatile! Have you ever tried stuffing a dumpling with chicken? Refried beans? Cheesecake filling? No? Hardly anyone has! My cookbook, Crazy Dumplings, takes this simple staple food and prepares it in ways you never thought possible! From buffalo chicken dumplings to pizza dumplings to apple pie dumplings, a world of foods is available to you in an easy dumpling wrapper with Crazy Dumplings.


Basic Dumpling Wrapper

3/4 cups flour
1/3 cup boiling water
Dash of salt
Flour for dusting

1) Mix flour and salt together in a mixing bowl.
2) Drizzle in water, mixing with a chopstick or fork.
3) Leave in bowl, covered with plastic wrap for 15 minutes.
4) Gather dough up into a ball and kneed on counter for a minute or two (until the dough is smooth)
5) Pinch off small portion of dough and roll into a ball (about 1 inch in diameter). Roll out into a flat circle on the counter, dusting with flour to keep dough from sticking.
6) Put small amount of preferred dumpling stuffing mixture into the middle of the flat dumpling wrapper. Pinch the dumpling closed.
7) Cook dumplings.
a. To fry dumpling, preheat oil for 30 second then lower heat. Cook dumpling on each side for only about one minute or until golden brown.
b. To steam dumplings, place in a steamer or on an elevated plate in a wok over water for about 10 minutes.
c. To boil dumplings, place in boiling water for about 5 minutes.
8) Always cut a dumpling open to make sure it cooked through.

Taco Dumplings

½ lb ground meat (beef, pork, or turkey)
½ cup shredded cheese
1 tablespoon chili seasoning
1 tablespoon ground cumin
½ tablespoon garlic powder
¼ cup chopped cilantro (optional)
12 dumpling wrappers
Salsa, guacamole, cheese sauce, sour cream (as optional dip options)

1. Mix ground meat, shredded cheese, spices, and cilantro together in mixing bowl.
2. Spoon mixture into dumpling wrappers.
3. Fry dumplings for about 1 minute on each side or until golden brown (be sure to open one to make sure the meat is thoroughly cooked).
4. Serve hot with sauces for dipping.


2 avocados
1 small tomato, finely chopped
¼ of an onion, finely chopped
1 clove of garlic, pressed
a few sprigs of cilantro, finely chopped
1 lime or lemon, halved
Dash of salt

1) With a spoon remove the avocado meat from the rind and remove the seeds. Mash the avocado meat with a spoon and fork.
2) Mix in tomato, onion, garlic, and cilantro
3) Squeeze in lemon juice (watch out for seeds!)
4) Add salt to taste
5) Enjoy!

About the Author

Amanda Roberts received her master’s degree in English from the University of Central Missouri in 2009. In 2010, she and her husband moved to rural Hunan, China to teach English. Amanda has been
chronicling their adventures on her blog Two Americans in China for nearly 3 years.

One of her biggest obstacles to overcome was learning how to cook all over again. She discovered that this is a major frustration for most expats living abroad. Crazy Dumplings is her first book in what will hopefully become a full line of cookbooks for expats and people living at home who want to learn fun and more natural ways of cooking.