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PROMO: Can't See Around Corners



Psychological Thriller

Date Published: January 27, 2024



Two fraternal twins, Sharon and Annie are the only children of Edna and Warren Karce.

They are the future of the highly famed socialite dynasty.

The girls have graduated with honors and look forward to their trip to Europe.

The sisters' love for one another is obvious but a sinister force of malicious feelings dwells beneath their facade of shared contentment.

Once abroad and with their hypervigilant parents absent, treachery, deceit, and wickedness develop intensely between the girls, and their relationship advances into the vilest possible nightmare, changing their lives forever.

The discovery of an ancient, mysterious pendant formerly owned by Vlad, the Impaler from Dracula's Castle begins an epic spiral of demonic incidents that traumatize not only the twin girls lives while in Romania but has the ability to penetrate their family's existence back home in Australia.

How will the highly renowned family survive the unforeseen satanic entity, integrated with the discreditable exploits from the once idolized and respected daughters of the Karce Empire?

About the Author

Josie Townsend was born in regional NSW Australia, the eldest daughter of five children. She started writing at the age of 55yrs old and has self-published two manuscripts and a third on the way. At the young age of 21, Josie had a car accident and lost sight in her left eye, so as a vision-impaired writer it was even more difficult for her to write but she endeavour's to follow her heart's desires and keep moving forward in life. Even through her struggles, she believes in never letting life's hardships hold you hostage like you're its victim.


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PROMO: GoldenRuleism



Living a GoldenRuleism


Date Published: May 1, 2024

Publisher: MindStir Media


You've FOUND It.

What We NEED.


The majority of people on Earth are familiar with the foundational ethical principle often called The Golden Rule - Humanity's Number One Rule.

It's time now for us to embrace a far more expansive and effective version of the original.

GoldenRuleism is the name of our overarching ethic - an ethic universal in its scope. Discover what it can mean for your life.

This booklet stimulates you to act - to do what YOU can - from where you are.

GoldenRuleism's foundation is its two principal principles - two elegantly simple sentences.

It's Humanity's "Apply It Now" ethic. We the people of the world need to be GoldenRuleistic. We'll make our lives decidedly better - with and for each other.


***NOTE: Our Spanish edition is also available!

About the Author

Craig Cline advocates for us humans—and for all the other sentient beings on our one-and-only Mother Earth.

Craig has written many articles for publication, on a variety of topics. He wrote this booklet, with the assistance of his Editor-In-Residence wife Cherie: Golden Ruleism: Living A Golden Ruleism-Guided Life.

The Clines support a variety of nonprofit organizations, especially those in their local community. They feel we should all do whatever we can to ensure “our” nonprofits succeed in their heart-driven missions.

Craig’s premise is that by our universally embracing the two principal principles of Golden Ruleism—two simple-to-say and easy-to-remember sentences—we’ll collectively “Move the Needle of Humanity Towards Humane-ity.”

He asks that you please do what you can to move that needle.


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Blog Tour: Anvil of God


Historical Fiction

Date Published: 1/18/2024

Narrator: Deborah Balm

Run Time: 15h 30 min



It is 741. Only one thing stands between Charles the Hammer and the throne—he's dying. Despite his best efforts, the only thing to reign after Charles's death is chaos. Son battles son, Christianity battles paganism, and Charles's daughter flees his court for an enemy's love.

Based on a true story, Anvil of God is a whirlwind of love, honor, sacrifice, and betrayal that follows a bereaved family's relentless quest for power and destiny.



About the Author

After a 25-year career working as a press secretary on Capitol Hill, writing a weekly column for a daily newspaper, and managing crisis and public affairs for many of the largest American corporations and institutions, J. Boyce Gleason began writing historical fiction to satisfy his passion for storytelling.

His first novel ANVIL OF GOD, Book One of the Carolingian Chronicles received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, was named Historical Fiction Book of the Year by the Independent Publishers Awards and Mainstream/Literary e-Book of the Year by Writers Digest Magazine.  The sequels (Wheel of the Fates & Crown of a King) both received 4.5 ratings or better on Amazon.

With an AB in history from Dartmouth College, Gleason brings a strong understanding of the events that shaped history. He says he writes historical fiction to discover “why.” He and his wife live in Virginia.


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PROMO: Quantum Consequence


Physic, Lust and Greed Series, Book 5



Date Published: 05-16-2024

Publisher: Acorn Publishing


After foiling the political ambitions of a would-be American dictator, time-traveling lovers Marta Hamilton and Marshall Grissom return to their life in the Caribbean only to confront the murder of a friend and inherit responsibility for a gutsy 10-year old boy. Throughout their unlikely and tumultuous relationship, Marta has harbored suspicions that her time-traveling companion is not being honest with her. Is Marshall really the bumbling, good-hearted klutz she has come to love and trust? Or is he the cunning, cold-blooded assassin Gillis Kerg suspects him to be? In this fifth tale of physics, lust and greed, a bizarre parallel universe and a monstrous product of artificial intelligence will impose a costly consequence requiring both Marta and Marshall to face the truth of her most haunting question:  “Who are you, Marshall Grissom?”


About the Author

Mike Murphey is a native of eastern New Mexico and spent almost thirty years as an award-winning newspaper journalist in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest. His debut novel, Section Roads, has been recognized by Indie Reader Discovery Awards, Reader Views Reviewers Choice Awards, The IAN Book of the Year Awards, the Somerset Contemporary Fiction Awards, and the Independent Publishers Book Awards. His novel, The Conman has been recognized by the International Book Awards, the eLit Awards and the Manhattan Book Awards. His award-winning Physics, Lust and Greed Series includes Taking Time,  Wasting Time, Killing Time and  The Outlaw Gillis Kerg. “We Never Knew Just What It Was… The Story of the Chad Mitchell Trio” is his first non-fiction work. Mike loves fiction, cats, baseball and sailing. He splits his time between Spokane, Washington, and Phoenix, Arizona.


Contact Links



Twitter: @booksmurphey




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PROMO: Permission for Self-Love


The optimal guide to getting back to your own Queendom after having a child


Guidance & self help, child birth, parenting, motherhood, body image, self love, self care

Date Published: May 16, 2024


Giving birth is a true miracle, our bodies are amazing and nothing compares to holding your baby.

But often once we have given birth, we often forget to prioritize our own well-being. Our bodies went through a tremendous journey and should have time to recover and heal. This book will help you take charge of your own postnatal recovery, to be the best version of yourself so you can look after your baby in the best possible way. From candid prenatal advice, birth advice to postnatal care of your body and mind including healing your vagina to exercising your body, everything is covered.

Having gone through postpartum depression and the lack of available information, Eva has created a tool that can help you navigate this delicate path of becoming a mom, being a partner and above all being you in all your authenticity.

“Let this exercise be your joyful daily practice."

Eva is the creator of exercise programs tailored specifically for women after giving birth. The goal of her work is to make exercise a joyful daily practice. As a trainer and instructor, she found her passion in healthy movement by encompassing full body acceptance and true expression of self-love through the connection of body and mind. Eva connects exercise with psychosomatics, which she considers to be the source of all physical ailments. Eva believes in teaching wholehearted acceptance of each woman's unique body. To listen to our body, is to understand our body.


About the Author

After many years of putting my body through suffering at a dance conservatory and in theatres, I decided to approach my body in a new and different way. My first impulse was practicing Pilates which grew into compensatory methods. I became more and more interested in the mind-body connection which led me to discover psychosomatics. Since I myself went through a complicated postpartum period where I felt amazed but also betrayed by my own body and my uncooperative mind, I started focusing on working with women in the postpartum period. Out of this experience and the desire to help as many women as possible, this book was born.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

PROMO: The Super Organism



Sentinel of Addiction


Date Published: January 8, 2021


Individual characters in a distant future, offer us a series of memoirs emerging as an all-powerful extraterrestrial life form discovers that it has been imprisoned by God in human form as part of a supernatural rehabilitation program.


About the Author

 M. Makhijani is a novelist; he specializes in the genres of science fiction and cross-genre. He grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and has a degree in Psychology and Political Science, with a minor in Eastern and Western philosophy. He also holds a Diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration from the prestigious UHI Millennium Institute in the United Kingdom.

For Makhijani, his readers will always come first. A perfectionist by nature, he obsesses over the tiniest of details, employing a style of narration that combines a uniquely vivid imagination with intellect and originality. He develops a narrative that immerses his readers in a very absorbing and entertaining reading experience.

Makhijani’s hobbies include working out at the gym, Pilates, reading, watching documentaries and popular science fiction shows on Netflix. He also holds a First Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, and for a time, trained as a mixed martial arts fighter at the world renowned Griphouse gym in Glasgow.

He speaks nine languages, out of which Spanish and Italian are his favorite. He never stops learning and aspires to become completely fluent in them someday.


Contact Links

X @Makhijani_speak

Facebook: @m.makhijani.novels


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Blog Tour: A Win Won Situation


Crossroads to Collaboration, A Personal Development Journey to Building Successful and Synergistic Relationships

Motivational/Business improvement

Date Published: March 12, 2024

Publisher: Elite Online Publishing

In A Win Won Situation, Reggie Gray embarks on a profound exploration of personal development, interweaving his life experiences with insightful lessons on building successful and synergistic relationships.

WIN WON comes from what Reggie puts into practice in his business and personal relationships.  WHAT I NEED – WHAT OTHERS NEED

Through engaging chapters filled with personal accounts deeply woven with important life lessons, Reggie imparts wisdom gained from his unique blend of experiences. He challenges the reader to rethink conventional notions of success and relationship building, offering a fresh perspective on how to lead a more fulfilling life. This book is not just another motivational read. It is a call to action, inviting readers to scrutinize the motives behind the self-help industry and to seek authenticity in their personal growth journeys.

Perfect for anyone at a crossroads in their personal and professional relationships, A Win Won Situation is a guide for those who seek to live a meaningful last third of their life, leaving behind a legacy of collaboration, success, and genuine connection.


When making decisions and considering both sides of a situation, it boils down to the person’s or organization’s viewpoint.

How are you looking at the situation or issue? What is its value to you or the other side? What is the background of how you got to this interface? What are the backgrounds of those influencing the outcome. What motivates them?

This is a series of questions for you to run through your consideration as you begin the process or at least right before you make a decision impacting the process.

Are you the solution to problem(s) or are you the problem? When I hire someone, it is usually because I have a problem that I need solved. Make sure you don’t hire people that just become another problem for you to resolve.

Many people also use problems (excuses) not to complete tasks or projects…not enough training, not enough, information, not enough assistance, etc. One can always find excuses and ways to not succeed, but employers and leaders like those that look for ways to overcome the problems.

Be tolerant of others’ views. Don’t even say I disagree with them, they are their rights, but they stop when there is any force, verbally or physically, to express or apply yours to others. Your rights have stepped over their boundaries into someone else’s. You have yours, they have theirs. The views of accepting people regardless of religion, sexual preference etc. It’s not my paygrade to judge people.

About the Author

As the President of the Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce, Gray has been a pivotal figure in the Houston area, with a strong presence in the community for over 25 years. Gray has served on numerous area boards and received numerous awards from those area organizations for his commitment and service to Houston-area communities. Previous to the Chamber, he was a Vice President of Marketing in the real estate management and development industry and Vice President of Business Development for an international logistics corporation.

His projects and positions have taken him throughout the U.S. and to nearly 60 countries worldwide, where he has collaborated with a variety of industries, corporate executives, international leaders, and royalty. Gray has received awards of designation, appreciation, and partnerships from numerous countries, such as Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, Malta, China, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Monaco, and Panama.

Gray spends time and speaks often of his three sons and his focus on them or, as he has repeatedly been quoted, “They are the oxygen in his lungs.”


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Monday, May 13, 2024

PROMO: Uncertain Foundations

LGBTQ, Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Date Published: May 17, 2024



They’ve been there for each other through death and life, through pain and joy. Their love life has held them together through all external dangers. But what happens when the threat seems to come from within?

Charlie, half werewolf, has never felt so uncertain. Everything he’s trusted in -- his eyesight, his psychic ability, his confidence in making decisions -- is under attack. Even his mate, his Life dancer, Luis, seems untrustworthy.

Luis, a psychic vampire, is consumed by terror and paranoia. Unable to tell fact from fiction, and feeling Charlie pulling away, he lashes out.

These two lovers who have stood the test of time find themselves on unsteady ground. Can their love prevail despite the terror working its way through the pack?



Luis stood his back to a wall. He gazed across the crowded room to his Life Dancer, who was shaking hands with Princess Angelina Oakland. Scanning the princess’s living room quickly, Luis noted the approaching dawn lightening the sky in the east and the Pakistani land dragon speaking quietly with Claudette, the water dragon from Western New York. He felt like a stalker, watching all these people in their final moments of conversation and leave-taking, but he wouldn’t let Charlie, his Life Dancer, be alone. Too much had happened during this last delegate gathering.

“Go downstairs,” Charlie said, turning his head away from the princess to meet Miguel’s gaze. The blood-dependent vampire, slave to the darkness of night, was swaying on his feet.

“You are leaving,” Miguel said.

“This morning,” Charlie agreed.

“I wanted to say thank you.” He nodded to Princess Angelina. “To you as well, Your Highness. I have lived without hope for many years. To have it again is a marvelous blessing. And it wouldn’t have been possible, Tilthos Charles, without your assistance.”

“You’re welcome, but if you thank me again, I’m going to have to demand payment.” Charlie sounded more concerned than flippant despite his words. “Go. Down. Stairs. We’ll meet again.”

Miguel shook hands with both of them and headed from the room.

He passed close to Luis and said softly, “Your lover is a beacon of hope.” Then he was gone.

Luis watched Charlie making the rounds of the other magical creatures in the room. All of these others were ignoring Luis, as if he was just a bodyguard. That suited Luis just fine. Charlie didn’t really need his protection, not in this room, and not usually in the world at large. The leader of all the werewolves on this and the southern continent was only half werewolf, and visually impaired also, but he’d held his position without others defending him for over half a decade. He was confident. He was strong.

And sexy as hell.

Luis firmly turned his thoughts from that particular channel because some of the magical creatures gathered here had great senses of smell. They’d know he was aroused if he allowed himself the luxury of thinking of his Life Dancer without clothes on.

Charlie’s thoughts drifted through Luis’s mind, his psychic tone lightly teasing. I think it’s too late for you to hide anything.

Luis smirked and thought back, Good.

Gradually, the heads of this or that species left, taking their chauffeured rides to private airplanes. Agent Jack Sowerby would be meeting some of them at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, but some wouldn’t allow the new head of SearchLight to see them off. Claudette, the water dragon, was one of these, preferring to keep her exact departure a secret.

Luis knew she was flying out of Dulles, the airport south of here in Virginia, but he was a tracker. It was his job to know the comings and goings of those who might be a threat to SearchLight. Or to his Life Dancer.

As the room emptied, he wondered if the princess would let him and Charlie have one last fling in the bedroom she’d set aside for them. Although, even if she did, Charlie might not want to hang around. He was anxious to get back to their displaced pack.

“Tilthos Charles, do you need to rest before starting on your drive home?” Princess Angelina asked as if she’d read Luis’s mind. He didn’t think she had telepathy, and his shields were mostly up anyway.

“That would be a better question for Luis, since I can’t drive,” Charlie said, sounding amused. He tapped the end of his white cane on the parquet floor. “Thank you, but I think we should get going.”

Luis thought, keeping it hidden from his Life Dancer, Damn. And I was hoping to be driving without blue balls.

Still, he had to admit he wanted to get home. And not just so that the Tilthos Pack could return from where they’d been scattered to when all the dominant protectors were occupied here in DC and Maryland. Luis had concerns about those pack members here: Jeremy, Ethan, and Charlie.

Jeremy and Ethan would be driving back at some point soon, but first, Ethan needed to regain his human shape. He’d taken to sticking close to Jeremy and their son, Will, but in his werewolf guise. It was as if he thought being in four-footed would somehow protect him from further pain.

Luis had absolutely no doubt Jeremy would take care of his mate. The Night Wanderer was protective anyway, and since Ethan had been forced to --


He blinked, startled out of his thoughts by his Life Dancer calling his name. Charlie stood about ten feet away, his gaze unfocused, as it always was when he wasn’t trying to read some large print or looking at a picture eight-year-old Will had drawn.

Luis crossed to him and touched his shoulder. “What is it?” he asked gently.

“I guess you missed the change in plans.”

Luis smiled guiltily. “I was lost in my own world.”

“I realized --” Charlie said, lowering his voice and bending so he could put his mouth next to Luis’s ear. “I need you before we head out.”

Luis’s cock raised its head and he felt his asshole constrict in anticipation. “Not here,” he ventured.

“Well, in this house, but, no, not in the living room. If we stained any of her pillows or cushions, I’m sure Angelina would throw us out and bill us through the nose.” He took Luis’s hand, pressing the shaft of the white cane between their palms. “Will you guide me?”

Luis knew Charlie didn’t mean that literally. He was independent to a fault, was Tilthos Charles McLaughlin, alpha above all alphas. But having Charlie make the request made Luis harder still. He kissed Charlie’s palm and then encouraged him to take his arm.

Swinging his cane out before his feet, Charlie “followed” Luis up the stairs and down the hall. The warmth of his hand, firm on the back of Luis’s arm, was ambrosia to the anxiety Luis had been feeling for the last week or so. Charlie trusted him. He glanced back and saw Charlie’s eyes were closed and his cane no longer touched the floor. He was letting Luis guide him completely.

Luis’s heart rose and he swallowed against sudden, stupid tears. “Te amo, Charlie,” he whispered.

A mischievous smile lit Charlie’s dark and handsome features. “Of course, you do.”

Luis snorted. But before he could retort, Charlie stopped walking and pulled Luis into a tight embrace. Luis inhaled, loving the scent of his lover’s aftershave.

“I love you too. Now, come on. I need you.”


About the Author

Emily Carrington is a multipublished author of male/male and transgender women’s speculative fiction. Seeking a world made of equality, she created SearchLight to live out her dreams. But even SearchLight has its problems, and Emily is looking forward to working all of these out with a host of characters from dragons and genies to psychic vampires. And in the contemporary world she’s named “Sticks & Stones,” Emily has vowed to create small towns where prejudice is challenged by a passionate quest for equality. Find her on Facebook at Shapeshifter Central or on her website.

Contact Links

Author’s Website

Emily on Facebook

Emily on Twitter

Publisher on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok: @changelingpress


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PROMO: Lincoln's Return



Speculative Historical Fiction

Date Published: March 2024


Imagine if one of the most revered American Presidents returned in time to run again for the presidency. Julian T. Morrow’s “Lincoln’s Return” is not just a book. It’s a riveting tale of hope, redemption, and the power of leadership, with a unique premise that will intrigue you.

Amidst a nation on the brink of discord and disillusionment, a figure of remarkable significance emerges, embodying the very essence of America’s greatest president, Abraham Lincoln. However, a captivating twist sets this narrative apart from others. Lincoln is reborn as a woman, Sharmila Stone, offering a fresh and intriguing perspective on a historical figure.

As Sharmila navigates the complexities of modern America, she draws upon the wisdom of Lincoln’s past life and the strength of her newfound identity. With Lincoln’s memories as her guide, she embarks on a mission to unite a fractured nation and confront contemporary challenges. This narrative offers a captivating blend of metaphysical possibilities and historical and psychological fiction, engaging you in a unique reading experience.

Through Sharmila’s eyes, readers are immersed in the resurgence of Lincoln’s timeless values—empathy, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to justice. But can this president’s spirit, intertwined with the experiences of a contemporary woman, pave the way for a brighter future?

“Lincoln’s Return” is not just a captivating novel. It’s an engaging voyage that challenges conventional wisdom and offers a fresh perspective on the past to illuminate the path forward.


About the Author

Julian T. Morrow is an emerging voice in contemporary literature, known for his thought-provoking style of possible scenarios. With a background that intersects the realms of metaphysical, philosophy, and creative writing, Morrow crafts narratives that challenge the conventional boundaries of genre and expectation.


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Friday, May 10, 2024

Blog Tour: The Gnome and the Seedlings



Illustrated by: Angel Neha

Children's Book

Date Published: February 27, 2024

Publisher: Mindstir Media

This short story is about a mother wanting balance for her children. She wants her children to spend more time outdoor exercising, running and having fun. One weekend mom encouraged her children to stop playing video games and streaming movies while sitting on the couch and spend some time in the local National Park. While at the park the children, Nathan and his sister, met a mythical and magical Gnome, named Gob. Gob the Gnome explained to the children what his role is at the National Park, and how to plant seeds to grow trees.

I chose to add a Gnome as one of the main characters because since the 1400s, folklore has described Gnomes as guards of treasure and the protector of earth. Gnomes represents stability, growth and Good Luck. My six children books all revolve around a Gnome, the protector of a local forest who became friends with Nathan and Iris.

About the Author

Marilyn Slaughter is an educator with experience teaching second through fifth grades, middle school science, and social studies. She now spends time authoring books for children and adults for engagement, learning, and entertainment. Marilyn’s first six books are a set with the theme of children, with their families enjoying the outdoors; and with teachers and classmates learning about the environment. The children are introduced to a magical and mythical being in the forest and they work to save the local forest. Her goal is to provide a fun read with an entertaining way for children to learn about science.

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