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PROMO: Dead Squirrels Everywher



Children's Book, humor, concepts counting

Counting to ten has never been easier for children who love the macabre! Dead Squirrels Everywhere is a fully illustrated children’s book with a slightly morbid twist. This book is perfect for teaching kids of all ages how to count to ten. Children will have so much fun; they won’t even know they are learning!

No squirrels were harmed in the making of this book.


About the Author

Gabrielle Ferrara is an artist and entrepreneur who creates Victorian-inspired art and jewelry with ethically sourced animal remains. She has a master's degree in Museum Studies and undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Art History. Gabrielle enjoys spending her free time with family, venturing down the rabbit hole of obscurity, and talking about dinosaurs.


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Friday, June 28, 2024

PROMO: Weight of the Kiss


Military Thriller

Date Published: April 17, 2024

Publisher: MindStir Media


Bombs, Bullets, and burnt-out vehicles are the order of the day in Kandahar, Afghanistan. War is afoot and everywhere you turn someone is hunting you. Follow Reaper-1, the leader of Reaper and Bang squads, as he takes a tour in Afghanistan. Learn about the military equipment, the soldiers, and the environment. Reaper-1 will show you plenty of shenanigans, struggle, and sadness. You will laugh when you read about all the characters and their stories, you will hurt as they are pinned down in combat, and you will cry when some of your favorite members are lost to war. Reaper-1 will walk you through struggles of friendship, combat, and post combat mental health. Reaper-1 will show you what it means to be alive and the pain of death. Come take a trip to Afghanistan, once the smoke clears, you'll be glad you did.

About the Author

Master Sargent, retired USAF, Derek Whaley hails from Twin Falls, Idaho. His life purpose are his two children. His son, 9 and his daughter, 15. Derek served 20 years in the United States Air Force, retiring under Honorable conditions in 2019. Derek transitioned to social work and earned his master’s degree from the University of New Hampshire. He interned with substance abuse disorders in Haverhill, Massachusetts and discovered a liking to the field and is now a Drug Court Therapist. If you’re ever looking for Derek, just find people struggling and Derek will be near to help.


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PROMO: Sunken Leadership




Unlock the Secrets of Resilient Leadership


Just as the U.S.S. Constitution—"Old Ironsides"—has withstood the test of time through exceptional construction and adaptability, our written Constitution remains a pillar of strength in our society. Dr. Joe Aniello's "Sunken Leadership" draws powerful parallels between these two enduring icons, offering profound insights into how strong leadership can navigate and rise above challenges.


In "Sunken Leadership," you'll explore:

●       The remarkable resilience of "Old Ironsides" and what it teaches us about leadership.

●       How the foundational principles of our Constitution empower us to overcome modern obstacles.

●       The vital importance of viewing historical achievements with respect and understanding, rather than through a contemporary lens.


This book is not just a historical analysis; it's a call to action for current and future leaders to rise, adapt, and lead with strength and integrity.

Don't miss your chance to be inspired by the lessons of the past and apply them to today's world. Purchase your copy of "Sunken Leadership" by Dr. Joe Aniello today and embark on a journey to uncover the indestructible power of leadership.

About the Author

"Dr. Joe” AnieHo is a tenured, full-professor at Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina.

He has taught in their Schooi of Business for the last 21 years primarily in Organizational Leadership and Human Resource Behavior. He also has served as Executive Director of the Francis Marion University Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.

His holds an MBA in Marketing from Fordham University in New York City and an Education Doctorate from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. His dissertation is on ”Increasing Creativity in Adults.”

Prior to his Academic Career, ”Dr. Joe” spent over 20 years in major American Corporations rising to the level of Officer/Vice President.

He lives in Florence with his wife, Tracy, and their three young children: Elizabeth, Patrick, and Mary.

He has two great siblings, Anthony, his wife Sheila, and their children Autumn and Christian. Anne Marie Guerrero, her husband Danny and their children Jenna and Katie. Those families are all growing and fiourishing.

Joe also had two awesome parents, Anthony F., and Antoinette Marie who have since gone on to their eternal rewards given for lives devoted to others. They continue to become even more awesome to me with each passing year of my life.


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Thursday, June 27, 2024



Hints, Tips, and Observations


Business, Management, C-Suite

Date Published: May 20, 2024

Publisher: Mindstir Media


From decorated NYPD Detective to CEO of an award-winning marketing agency, Greg Demetriou knows a thing about resilience and reinvention. When his career was cut short by a near-fatal, in the line of duty shooting, Greg needed to reimagine his life.

Never one to fear a challenge, he embarked on a new business path. With the conviction that failure was

not an option, he immersed himself in learning the insand outs and challenges of growing an organization. Though the road was not always smooth, the small print and mail business he purchased 30 years ago is now a successful, full-service marketing agency. Along the way, Greg used his passion for writing to chronicle his experiences. This book is a compilation of those works-hints, tips, and observations-put together to impart a sense of the journey and day-to-day life in the corner office.

About the Author

From New York City Detective to CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications.  I have directed the growth of my company into a leading marketing and communications agency it is today.  LGC now boasts a client list of over 800 with an expanding market share in the digital and online marketing sphere.


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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

PROMO: Snoodles in Space - Episode 2: The Zoodles Strike Back!



The Zoodles Strike Back

Children's Books

Date Published: August 13, 2023

Publisher: Enigami Publishing


In the award-winning book “Snoodles in Space”, Steven Joseph and Andy Case brought us further adventures of Herbie Snoodleman and Sour Croodle-man exploring the universe and battling the Zoodle Kidoodles for the Earth’s entire supply of noodles.

In this third instalment of the Snoodles series, the Zoodles are determined to have revenge and with the help of a grimy millionaire whose fallen on hard times, they intend to poison the Earth’s water supply and turn everyone into Willy Nilly’s and Dilly Dally’s.

Can Briana and Ricky save the Earth again? Will the outcast kids on the other side of the track rise to the challenge and help save the world?

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PROMO: Calm in Chaos


Mindfulness and Meditation for Busy Professionals

Self-Help – Body, Mind, Spirit

Date Published: June 27, 2024



Unlock the power of mindfulness to navigate the storm of modern life and emerge stronger than ever.

In the fast-paced world of modern professionals, finding peace and balance can seem impossible. Calm in Chaos: Mindfulness and Meditation for Busy Professionals is your essential guide to integrating mindfulness into your daily routine, even amidst the most demanding schedules. Discover practical techniques and insightful wisdom designed to help you stay centered, focused, and resilient.

Explore the scientific benefits of mindfulness, learn effective meditation practices, and find ways to love what you do while shining as a positive force in the world. From handling difficult people to embracing open-mindedness and nonattachment, each chapter provides actionable steps to transform your professional and personal life.

Inside Calm in Chaos readers will find:

Practical meditation techniques to cultivate focus and emotional resilience

Insights on how to love what you do and find fulfillment in your professional life

Strategies for being a positive influence in your workplace and beyond

Guidance on leading with open-mindedness and nonattachment in the face of challenges

Techniques for handling difficult people and navigating conflict gracefully

Practices for self-love and self-care to maintain balance and well-being

Strategies for thriving in adversity and finding growth beyond challenges

Tools for focusing on the bigger picture and maintaining perspective

Practices for cultivating positivity and resilience in the face of setbacks

Guidance on navigating the aftermath of job loss and finding new opportunities for growth

And much more


Whether you're facing adversity, navigating job loss, or simply seeking a deeper sense of purpose, Calm in Chaos offers the tools you need to thrive.

Are you ready to break free from the cycle of chaos and reclaim control over your life? Get your copy today and begin your journey towards a more mindful, fulfilling life.

About the Author

Thanh was originally from Vietnam but later immigrated to the United States during her teenage years. During this time, she faced financial struggles, language barriers and even abuse from her caretaker.

However, after several decades, Thanh achieved two graduate degrees, one in Electrical Engineering and the other in Business Administration. She holds two United States patents, and also gained over twenty years of experience in corporate America. She served as the Vice President of Engineering at a prominent Engineering Procurement Construction firm before co-founding her own company.

As a certified coach, teacher, and speaker of John Maxwell Leadership Team, as well as a long-time practitioner of mindfulness, Thanh strongly believes in the power of the right mindset and support system to overcome challenges and make a positive impact. She is passionate about helping individuals thrive by sharing stories and techniques that foster a positive mindset and inspire courageous actions.

Thanh co-founded The Encourage Team to offer leadership and personal development, empowering people to live positively and lead courageously.

Connect with Thanh and embark on this journey of reflection, self-discovery, and accelerated growth.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

PROMO: Masterpiece



Christianity, Spirituality, Inspirational

Date Published: September 15, 2023

Publisher: Credo House Publishers



We all must ask crucial questions about our life here on earth. Am I experiencing life the way God, the Master Creator, designed my life to be lived? Or am I living a lesser, devolving life of my own choosing?

We, God’s ultimate creations, can only understand our purpose in life if we learn to see ourselves through the eyes of our Creator. This book provides practical steps on walking with the Holy Spirit. It will transform your soul if you follow the instructions.


Praise for Masterpiece

"This book will transform your life into the original masterpiece you were created to be. It teaches you how to unleash the power of the Holy Spirit so you can develop unshakeable faith and spiritual discernment when you commit to doing the work that your spirit requires. Dr. Morris takes you deep into self-reflection as you imagine the possibilities for your life when you completely surrender to the Holy Spirit."

Karen Hinds, CEO of Workplace Success Group


"If you are interested in next-level living, then you must take this reading journey into the Holy Spirit. This book helps us understand how the Holy Spirit shows up and works within our lives. Dr. Morris provides the reader with keen clarity on how to reap the fruit of the Spirit in an exceptional and timely way. This book is a spiritual gift to the soul."

Jen Olson, Co-Founder/Principal KGO


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PROMO: Beyond Good


The Exceptional Husband's Guide to Married Life


Relationships, Christian Living



Transform your marriage from ordinary to exceptional with this insightful guide for husbands.

Beyond Good: The Husband's Exceptional Guide to Married Life provides a comprehensive approach to addressing all the important aspects of being a kind, faithful, and respectful husband. Not only does it offer insights and strategies, but it also encourages personal reflection and proactive behavior to create a loving, long-lasting marriage relationship.

Start your transformative journey toward renewed commitment and love in your relationship by reading Beyond Good: The Exceptional Husband's Guide to Married Life.

Drawing on 20 years of personal experience and deep insights into marriage dynamics, Beyond Good serves as a candid guide for the husband seeking to rekindle joy, respect, and intimacy in his relationship.

The journey to an exceptional marriage begins here.

Why Beyond Good is a great resource for men:

•         Provides a comprehensive approach to being a kind, faithful, and respectful husband

•         Provides insights and strategies for creating a loving, long-lasting marriage relationship

•         Encourages personal reflection and proactive behavior

•         Offers candid advice and real-life examples

•         Focuses on rekindling joy, respect, and intimacy in marriage

•         Suitable for husbands at any stage of their marriage journey

•         Offers a holistic approach beyond typical relationship guides

•         And much more

Join countless men who have taken the brave step of self-improvement.  Get your copy today and immerse yourself in these love lessons and become the husband your wife deserves.


About the Author

Andreas Baku is a married, health-conscious author and advocate for healthy living. With a passion he shares with his wife for cooking, outdoor activities, and sports, Andreas is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience to help others make better choices for their health and in their marriage. Now in his early 50s, Andreas has reinvented himself and embraced his lifelong dream of writing. His books, Fast Food Made Healthy, Comida Rapida hecha saludable and now Beyond Good, are comprehensive guides that empower readers to enjoy their favorite fast food while making smarter choices as well as being the best husband they could possibly imagen. With practical tips, valuable advice, and effective strategies, Andreas helps readers tobe an amazing husband or to navigate fast food menus with confidence, revealing hidden health hazards and providing healthier alternatives. Through his books Andreas is on a mission to transform readers' fast food experiences into nourishing ones or be the beyond good husband they ought to be.


Connect with Andreas on:

Instagram baku.andreas

Facebook andreas.baku.9

YouTube at andreasbaku891


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Blog Tour: Hail the King



A Verse-by-Verse Journey Through the Book of Revelation

Nonfiction / Religion / Biblical Studies / Christian

Date Published: May 7, 2024

Publisher: Lucid Books



Did you know that the Bible speaks more about the times we are living in than any other period in history?

In the mysterious and prophetic Book of Revelation, God has laid out His plans for the incredible final chapters of planet Earth so His people can be blessed, informed, encouraged, emboldened, strengthened, and filled with hope as they navigate the last days.

 Written in a clear and accessible style, Hail the King will illuminate every verse and chapter of this captivating book. You’ll learn:


•         Why the Old Testament is the key to unlocking the Book of Revelation.

•         The meaning behind the vivid imagery and strange symbols used by John.

•         How the past 2,000 years of the Church were prophesied in 7 letters written by Jesus.

•         The chronological sequence of events leading up to Christ’s glorious return.

•         How to find a renewed sense of urgency, purpose, and hope in these uncertain times.


Prepare for an immersive encounter with Scripture that will equip you for the days ahead, grow your love for Jesus, and inspire you to live with an eternal perspective!



The first word we need to learn on this journey is “eschatology.” It’s the term used for the theological study of Bible prophecies related to the end of the world, “the end-times” or “the last days.” If you’re studying eschatology, you’re studying end-times Bible prophecies, which is what we’ll be doing in this journey through Revelation.

Within Christendom, there is a frequently repeated critique of those who love to dig into eschatology, and it goes something like this: “If you’re too Heavenly minded, you’ll be no earthly good.”

I remember opening a prominent Christian music magazine and reading their review of a concept album that a well-known artist had just released. All the songs were focused on Heaven and Jesus’ coming for His Church. It was a brilliant album.

But the reviewer accused the album of “suffering from ‘I’ll Fly Away’ syndrome.”

Both critiques are rooted in the belief that Christians too focused on the coming of Jesus and eternity in Heaven will neglect the things they should be doing for Jesus on the earth, here and now. The assumption is that they’ll live useless lives as they waste their days gazing longingly toward the heavens instead of sharing the Gospel and occupying themselves with the work of the Kingdom.


About the Author

Jeff Thompson was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and has served full-time in churches since the age of 19 as a youth pastor, worship pastor, and teaching pastor. In 2012, he planted what would become Gospel City Church, where he has served as a pastor for over a decade. Jeff has a passion for Bible prophecy, which has led him to study and teach through some of the Bible’s most compelling and challenging texts. He lives in the beautiful Greater Vancouver region of Canada with his wife, Charlene, their 6 children, and a dog he foolishly promised his oldest daughter she could get when she turned 12.


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Monday, June 24, 2024

PROMO: Obsession



(Raven’s Vale Psychos)

Contemporary Dark Romance

Date Published: June 28, 2024



I’m a monster.

The Boogeyman.

The thing you fear in the dark.

I’ve killed countless men and women, and I have no plans to stop.

They locked me up. Called me insane.

Until I escaped.


Raven’s Vale is mine. Well, partially mine.

Crash and Kane help me rule over this small town.

I’ve never wanted anything other than watching the life fade from someone’s eyes after I’ve taken my knives to them.

Until Hollis.


She makes me question whether there’s still a heart beating in my chest.

For some reason, I want her… and I don’t want to kill her.

I want her under me. Submitting to my every whim.

But I crave her fear too.

She’s my obsession…

And I’ll stop at nothing to make her mine.



WARNING: If you have triggers, please proceed with caution. This is not a sweet romance. The Raven's Vale Psychos series contains very dark content, including a true anti-hero. For everyone who enjoys twisted tales, morally gray to totally depravedcharacters, and lots of adult action in your books -- this one is for you!


There's no cheating. No cliffhanger. And a rather twisted version of happily-ever-after.



Smoke filled the room as both Crash and Kane smoked like fucking chimneys. The shit bothered me, and they both damn well knew it. Not that either of them gave two fucks. They’d settled in for a game of cards, but the darkness outside called to me. My skin itched and my fingers twitched. How long had it been since I’d last killed?

Too long.

“What the fuck crawled up your ass?” Crash asked. “Isn’t it almost your night? You should be pretty damn stoked.”

“Not soon enough,” I muttered. “Besides, being offered a lamb to slaughter isn’t as much fun as hunting one.”

Kane nodded. “I get it. They reek of fear either way, but it’s always sweeter when they aren’t expecting it.”

“There’s something seriously wrong with you two,” Crash said. “I don’t understand your fascination with getting all bloody. My way is much better. Nice and neat.”

Kane snorted. “They still end up dead, don’t they? Don’t pretend you’re any better than us.”

Crash shrugged. It was an old argument. The three of us had stumbled across this town when Crash and I had barely been considered adults. Kane was a bit older than the two of us. Freshly escaped from an institute for the criminally insane, we’d needed a place to hide. Raven’s Vale boasted a population of no more than five thousand. Cut off from the larger towns and cities, it had been the best place for us to lie low.

If it hadn’t been for the fire we’d set, or the fact we’d managed to keep them guessing over how many bodies had burned to death, the law would most likely have been searching for us all these years. Instead, they believed we were dead. Anywhere else, we’d need things like driver’s licenses, birth certificates, or something to prove who we were. Not in Raven’s Vale.

Then our cravings had kicked in. We hadn’t been able to help ourselves. Not long after we started slaughtering anyone who crossed our path, we found ourselves face-to-face with the mayor and sheriff. It had been easy enough to convince them to bow to us. After the mayor received a few pieces of his daughter, and the sheriff realized we had his two girls as well, the tides had quickly turned in our favor. We’d released them back to their families once we knew the mayor and sheriff would toe the line. They both knew we could snatch them again at a moment’s notice.

Now we ruled Raven’s Vale. No matter how many we killed, no one was coming for us. None of them dared. And as far as the outside world went, none of them knew we existed. We didn’t leave a paper trail.

“Get the hell out of here,” Kane said. “You know you can’t wait.”

I flashed him a smile and flipped off Crash before I grabbed my knives and headed out. Eyeing my motorcycle, I bypassed it and decided I’d track down prey on foot tonight. The bike was fun to ride but noisy as fuck. Everyone would know I was coming long before I got there.

Although, sometimes it was fun to chase the rats when they started to scurry. Tonight wasn’t one of those nights, though. Right now, I wanted to instill fear before they even realized who was stalking them in the shadows.

Most people feared the night and stayed indoors as much as possible. No one knew when one of us might strike.

Movement caught my eye, and I crept closer, clinging to the shadows. A young woman hurried down the sidewalk, her head bowed and shoulders hunched. If she was trying to make herself invisible, she’d failed miserably. I kept pace with her but remained out of sight. Something about her seemed different from the others in this place.

There was no way she didn’t sense my presence. At some point, even the most dense individuals would realize a monster was stalking them. If she did, the woman never let on. She continued to wherever she was going.

For once, I didn’t experience the urge to snuff out her life. Instead, I wondered what made her entirely oblivious. Was it a self-defense mechanism? She disappeared into an apartment building, and I figured that meant she was home for the night.

Going back the way I’d come, I walked the streets, hoping to find interesting prey. Two punks were doing their best to break into a car. The fact they didn’t have permission to do this sort of shit in my town pissed me off. Rushing toward them, I ended one of their lives quickly with a slice across his neck. The other dropped his tools and backed up several steps.

“Holy shit!” He stared at his friend with wide eyes. “What the fuck?”

“That’s what I’d like to ask.” I prowled closer. “Who gave you permission to break into cars in this town?”

“Huh? What are you…” He paled. “Shit. Fuck! You’re one of them, aren’t you? One of the Raven’s Vale Psychos.”

I grinned. “Is that what everyone calls us?”

He tried backing up again and tripped over his own feet. The moment he landed on his ass, he pissed himself. Crouching in front of him, I held the knife where he could see his friend’s blood coating my blade.

“Don’t kill me,” he pleaded. “This was all Rob’s idea. I didn’t want to do it.”

“Uh-huh. Sure.” Before he had a chance to move, I stabbed his thigh with my knife. The little pissant screamed and I stabbed the other leg.

He crab-walked backward, trying to get away. No point. He couldn’t exactly run. Even if he did, I’d find him. Standing, I reached down and grabbed his collar, then dragged him along behind me. Down a dark alley, across another street, and into yet another alley. Dropping him by a dumpster, I took my time, sliding my knife into his belly, his legs, slashed his arms.

I could see the light fading from his eyes, and I sat to watch, taking it all in until he’d taken his last breath.

It didn’t leave me feeling as satisfied as I’d hoped. Deciding there wouldn’t be any others, I went back to the apartment building and watched the windows, hoping to spot the woman from earlier. I found her on the third floor, staring out into the night. She’d changed her clothes, and her nightgown molded to her curves. Even from here, I could see the peaks of her nipples through the material.

My cock hardened and I wanted to feel her under me. Chained to my bed, begging for mercy. The thought of her crying, hearing her pleas for me to set her free, was enough to make me smile.

I didn’t know who she was, but I wanted to find out.

She was the first in over a decade to make me want something other than death.


About the Author

Harley Wylde is an accomplished author known for her captivating MC Romances. With an unwavering commitment to sensual storytelling, Wylde immerses her readers in an exciting world of fierce men and irresistible women. Her works exude passion, danger, and gritty realism, while still managing to end on a satisfying note each time.

When not crafting her tales, Wylde spends her time brainstorming new plotlines, indulging in a hot cup of Starbucks, or delving into a good book. She has a particular affinity for supernatural horror literature and movies. Visit Wylde's website to learn more about her works and upcoming events, and don't forget to sign up for her newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and other exciting perks.

Author on Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, & TikTok: @harleywylde

Publisher on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok: @changelingpress

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Sunday, June 23, 2024

PROMO: The Ocean Hugs Hard



Date Published: 06-24-2024

Publisher: Shadow Spark Publishing


Surfside City, New Jersey. 1966. Cub reporter Harman Bass is cutting his teeth in the fast world of local journalism and getting out-scooped by the competition. Facetious, cocky, and always quoting Nietzsche, Harman isn’t making any friends both in and out of the newsroom.

All that changes when the daughter of a prominent family is found dead on the beach, handing Harman the juiciest news story of the year. But she wasn’t any old beauty pageant queen; she was his high school girlfriend. Harman’s dogged reporting into the young woman’s death reveals pushback from the authorities and pulls the newshound into the resort’s darkest corners.

After one of his sources is murdered, the routine story becomes dangerous and personal. Something watches Harman from the shadows, something ancient and hungry, worshipped by powerful men who kill to keep their secrets. Harman’s job and life are soon threatened, and the once brash reporter must battle his boss, rival journalists, and his own sanity before filing what could be his last story.

THE OCEAN HUGS HARD is a mystery with the salty whiff of the ocean, a tinge of nostalgia, and a dollop of mind-shattering eldritch horror.

About the Author

ERIC AVEDISSIAN is an adjunct professor and speculative fiction author. His published work includes the novels Accursed Son, Mr. Penny-Farthing, Midnight at Bat Hollow, and the role-playing game Ravaged Earth. His short stories appear in various anthologies, including Across the Universe, Great Wars, and Rituals & Grimoires. Avedissian received a 2024 Fellowship in Prose from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and a ridiculous number of books. Find him online at if you dare.


Contact Links


Twitter: @angryreporter

Instagram: @ericavedissian

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