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PROMO: Beware of a Cursed Forest


Misty Falls, Book 3


Contemporary Fantasy Fiction

Date Published: 09-19-2023



How long can a magic ring last?

Long enough to get Violet through the worst, then send her through it again. When her new husband and his friends go grave robbing, they dig up a legend. They recover a thousand-year-old ring with a curse. When she finds it she uses it to her advantage like the last ring she owned, and her husband confesses to her how he obtained it. The magic flees from the ring after killing the people it sees deserving, but when it attacks her, Violet knows what she must do. It’s go back to grandma’s, then Misty Falls.

When she goes back her curiosity gets the best of her and she goes with a friend to investigate a murder in the haunted forest. Soon the forest is haunting her, and she is met with the killer, who wants more young blood. Though born on Friday the 13th, she believes in herself. Is she able to escape a streak of bad luck?



Curtis and his friends split up into three motel rooms ten minutes away from the cemetery they wanted to rob. They couldn’t bring them on the plane, so they had to go to a local store and get a shovel for each of them. The plan was to rob Jessie’s grave first and look for the famous ring that was fashioned in hell. “I want to see this ring,” one of them said. “I hope it doesn’t say made in hell or I will run.” They snickered at his joke except for Curtis. All their rooms were right next to each other. After hitting Jessie’s grave that night they would look through other graves and the mausoleum afterwards because there was no digging with those, then they’d go for the bigger graves, because the families may have had more money to pay for them.

After a quick dinner it was darkening. “Can we go now?” Curtis asked.

“It’s supposed to be late, but we will all take the rental car and be there in about thirty minutes. It’s getting darker at this point. I don’t think anyone will see us.”

“Have you done this before?” Curtis asked.

“No, I’ve stolen but not from a grave and this will probably be the only time.” By the time everyone was in the car it was darker, and they left. They had shovels and gardening tools in the back.

A red glow of light began to come from over the horizon. “I thought the sunset was over,” one of them in a black leathery jacket said.

“It was,” said the dark blond who appeared to be the leader. He had the most experience stealing and did not spend one day in jail for anything.

As they got out the red seemed to get bigger. After opening the trunk, they then got out shovels and began looking for the one grave with the ring. There was a large, rounded tombstone straight ahead with some fresh flowers there half dead. The leader went for that one and it read Jessie the name they were looking for. He had died almost ten years ago and there was a card against the stone. It was about how someone missed him so much and how she loved him but never told him enough and it was signed Tess. It was from his girlfriend. The leader left it open and put it back. His friends began to dig but Curtis wandered around looking for graves to start digging. “Go to the mausoleum,” the leader told him, and Curtis went that way glad Violet had no idea where he was.

As the guys dug Curtis tried opening crypts with the shovel but they didn’t come open. When he found an old one with a big crack he decided to try that one. This person had died in the 1920’s. He hit it hard a few times with the shovel and the right side fell off. Sliding the coffin out and peeking in he could not see well but there wasn’t anything buried with him of value. He put it back and tried to find another one. He kept looking for older graves because if they were buried with anything old it could be valuable.

Curtis stepped out of the crypts and saw that most of the sky had turned red accept a circle of black in the middle. They all stared at it. “What makes the sky like that?” One of them asked. No one responded.

“Guys I don’t like this,” Curtis said.

“We are almost there,” the leader said, and he made deep holes with his shovel. “Go look for crypts to steal from.” Just then he smacked into the coffin with his shovel. They dug it out and opened it. Curtis came to see. “There he is.” Exactly, Here lies Jessie just like the tombstone said. Curtis glanced up and the whole sky was red. It seemed like an omen to him but there were still pretty twinkling stars shining through. The leader pulled the ring of his finger. Examining it the design looked like hell fire and he check on the inside. It said made in Hades. He wanted to throw it but pawning it would be a better idea. He put the ring in his pocket, and they began reburying Jessie.

They kept looking around the graveyard for ghosts and zombies coming to get them for revenge, but they didn’t. If anything, Jessie would have been glad the ring was gone and being the good person that he wouldn’t hurt anyone. They finished covering the grave. “Don’t worry. We’ll pawn it as fast as we can,” he told Curtis.

“If and when we find a pawn shop,” one of them said. Curtis was the only one uneasy and they couldn’t drive away fast enough. He would never do this again and was sorry he broke the man’s crypt marble.

The sky had stayed red for the rest of the night. When morning came it seemed like a dream but they needed to find food and a pawn shop. There were still days left in their stay in Michigan to do as they wished after finding what they needed.

After Curtis called Violet the leader wanted to tell them his decision. “I easily found a pawn shop in the phone book, but it’s not close. So, I have decided we have more to steal, and we can pawn that before we go back to Canada where we won’t get caught. Is that ok?” he asked Curtis.

“That’s fine. It’s only a ring and I’m not even staying with it,” he responded.

“Yes, and it must be worth so much. We can split it just tell your little lady back home your business was doing well.” Curtis nodded in agreement. They spent the day looking for places to rob and eat.

While they ate Chinese food in a motel room the leader made his announcement. “We will rob an old mansion. It’s old but they look like they have money. Tomorrow me and Anthony will go and see if there’s an easy way in and what they leave open or unlocked.” All they could do was nod. “Then we’ll come back when they’re gone and get you Sawyer. Curtis we need someone to drive the car. You can get out, but you need to be ready to drive. Hopefully these people are going on summer vacation. How’s that sound?” he asked Curtis.

“Sounds fine. If we go in through the backyard it’s harder for people to see what we are doing,” he suggested.

“Good idea,” the leader Tristan said. He turned on the TV while they had a beer and relaxed. “It’s funny how rich people like to come out here thinking that it’s nice and peaceful and then get robbed.”


About the Author

Martha has studied writing with Writer's Digest and has an associate’s degree in Social Services. She has also written poems and songs and even studied screen writing and horror. She still writes and likes getting writing prompts. Her favorite author is VC Andrews. If you purchase and read Martha's books a review on this web site will be greatly appreciated. She can also be found at


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Twitter: @MarthaWickham


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Blog Tour: Coasters Rule


Fantastical Realism 

Date Published: September 26, 2023

An adventure of fantastical realism told through the eyes of twenty-year-old college sophomore Sofia Sommers. Traveling to Grand Cayman for spring break, Sofia and her childhood friend are looking forward to a peaceful, relaxing week soaking up the sun and decompressing after mid-term exams. Tragedy strikes and Sofia is rescued by the Coasters, a reclusive tribe of merfolk led by the ethereal, mohawk-haired Empress Sundrea, who is not only a benevolent leader, but a fierce warrior in her own right.

Sofia discovers her misfortune was the work of the Dwellers, a murderous gang of mermen human traffickers hell-bent on creating their own deviant gene pool and ultimately a bloodline of immortal disciples.

Come along with Sofia as she must decide whether or not to put her life on the line and assist the Coasters in their endeavor to reclaim a life-altering piece of their ancient history from the hands of Overlord Mercaro and his barbaric band of Dwellers.


I sit at the edge of a slow, shimmering body of water, the approximate size of the plastic swimming pool I played in as a child. The liquid swirls in shades of mint and laurel green. The colors become watered down and transparent in the center. A bottomless spring sparingly feeds its growth. Patches of moss creep over the rocks along the pool’s circular border.

The cave is eerily silent now. No motion, except for the subtle breaths upon my chest. I wipe sweat from a brow. My entire body throbs with pain. I am out of tears. My left foot is suspended above the ripples. They call to me. I know the future hangs, like my dangling digits, on my very next movement.

The pool continues to whirl. I stare at its center. The water is hypnotizing as it coils along the rounded, weathered stone. Small swells roll over the edge and disappear into earth. I force my body to shift position. The weight on my heart is both comfort and agony. I realize I am now in shock as the pain subsides and is replaced by tingling and numbness. I pull my right leg out from under me. I lie flat with my feet suspended above the eye of the pool. It invites me in. All ten toes begin their descent . . .

About the Author

I am originally from Western New York and have lived my adult life in northern New Jersey. For the last twenty years, I have been a stay-at-home dad raising two independent and compassionate daughters. I self-published a collection of prose entitled AFTERTHOUGHTS and am also a songwriter who enjoys playing the bass guitar. When not writing, I love spending time with my two rescue dogs and traveling to Comic Cons with my wife Lori.


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PROMO: Love Songs of the Zombie





Is there a God? Can religion be compatible with science? Do miracles happen? Why do bad terrible things happen to good people? You are on a lifetime journey seeking answers to these questions.

You want to base your beliefs on science, reason, and logic, while still affirming purpose and meaning for human existence. You seek to value religious traditions and scriptures but want to avoid accepting obsolete dogmas and superstitions.

The author, a scientist and business leader, shares insights carefully collected and collated during his 70-year quest, and provides surprising, illuminating, and stimulating ideas to help point you in the right direction.

Is it still possible to experience and participate in spirituality like the ancients did? Yes, and it can be done with poetic flair and joy.


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PROMO: Blades



(Devil’s Fury MC)

Motorcycle Club Romance, Age Gap, Suspense

Date Published: Dec 29 2023



China -- I came to the US to further my education. I never counted on falling for a gruff biker who was so much older than me. But Blades never hesitated when I told him I was pregnant. He was the best man I’d ever met… until he went to prison. All our lives unraveled after that. My daughter was taken from me, and I was sold. I thought I’d never escape the hell of being exploited and abused, until he walked through the doors again, looking like a wrathful angel. He may have saved me, but do I really deserve his love?

Blades -- Being falsely accused of murder was bad enough. Finding out someone stole my woman and daughter was another. Our precious little Meiling found herself a good man, and she’s safe. Now I need to save her mother. My China. I’m going to gut everyone who dared to touch her and send them all straight to hell… then I’ll do whatever it takes to prove to her she’s safe with me, and that I’ve never stopped loving her. China and Meiling are my entire world, and I’m going to protect them -- this time.


WARNING: Guaranteed happily ever after, no cliffhanger, no cheating. Recommended for readers 18+ due to adult situations, language, and violence.




Copyright ©2023 Harley Wylde


I eyed the man in front of me. It had been a long ass time since I’d seen the Devil’s Fury cut. “So, one of you finally came to see me. No one’s ever brought a pretty woman with them, though.”

The name Dingo wasn’t one I was familiar with. Then again, he looked young. Probably started prospecting after I’d been locked up. He put his hand on the woman’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

“You’re Robert Young?” she asked.

“Don’t go by that name anymore. I’m Blades. Who’s looking for Young?”

She took a breath and seemed to be steeling herself. I should have been the one preparing. Her next words would have knocked me on my ass if I’d been standing.

“I’m Meiling Shan Young. Your daughter, if my birth certificate is correct.”

I fell back against the metal chair. My daughter? “Fucking hell.”

“So you do know who I am?” she asked.

“Yeah. Told your mother not to bring you here. Why did she let you come now?” In all this time, China had stayed away just as I’d demanded. Had something happened to bring my daughter here after all these years?

“She didn’t. I don’t even remember her,” Meiling said.

My gaze shot to Dingo. Who the hell was he? Why had he brought her here? “Are you responsible for her being here? How she’d get mixed up with the club? I told Xi-wang to keep away from the Devil’s Fury.”

“We don’t know yet what happened to Xi-wang. Shortly after you were locked up, your daughter went into foster care and her mother vanished without a trace,” Dingo said. “As to why she’s with me… she’s my wife.”

I shot to my feet. “Like fuck she is!”

After everything I’d been through to keep them safe, this had to happen? I didn’t know how she’d met this bastard, but I’d see to it he was buried six feet under. How dare he touch my precious child?

“Sit down, old man,” Dingo said. “She’s been accepted by the club as my ol’ lady, and we’re legally married. Besides, she could be carrying your grandchild.”

I felt my blood pressure rising and wanted nothing more than to wring his neck. Slowly, I took my seat. Going after him right now wouldn’t do me any good. If my daughter liked him, then it would only hurt my relationship with her -- assuming I ever had the chance to have one.

“Why the fuck are you here?” I asked, focusing on Dingo.

“We need some answers. Mei doesn’t remember her mother, and never knew about you. In fact, her birth certificate was buried and a false one put in its place. You tried to keep her a secret, but it’s time to talk.”

I didn’t like it, but they weren’t the only ones who needed answers. They said my daughter couldn’t remember her mother. Where the hell was China? If I found out someone had hurt her, I was going to slaughter everyone responsible. “Fine. I’ll tell you what I know, then you explain what’s really going on.”

I told them how I met Meiling’s mother, about us falling in love, and me keeping the two of them a secret from the club. Everything up until I went to prison. After that, I lost track of China. I’d thought she was only listening to me and keeping away as I’d told her to do. I should have found a way to check up on her.

Meiling slumped in her seat. “So you don’t know what happened to her, or how I ended up in foster care?”

“Nope. I never even heard she was missing. No one ever came to ask me about you, but you were mine legally. If someone finds out what happened, I sure the fuck want to know,” I said.

“Outlaw is working on it,” Dingo said. “He’s a hacker for the club. Only thing we know for sure is the foster family who had Meiling…” Dingo stopped mid-sentence.

I wanted to ask what the hell a hacker was, but more importantly, what was it he didn’t want to tell me? If it had to do with my daughter, then I deserved to know. He might be married to her, but she was my baby first and foremost.

Meiling met my gaze. I knew whatever they were hiding would gut me. “He doesn’t want to tell you.”

“Did they hurt you?” I asked.

“They made her into a whore by the age of fourteen,” Dingo said. Even I could hear the pain in his voice.

I slammed my fists into the table, and everything went red. I roared out my rage, standing so fast the chair fell over. I ripped the chain free of the table and continued to pound the metal surface, denting it. Guards rushed in, and I knew they were going to put me in solitary if I didn’t calm down, but I couldn’t. I wanted to make them all suffer. Every last person who’d harmed my baby needed to die, and I wanted to be the one to do it.

Dingo held up a hand, cautioning them to stay back. “Give him a minute. We gave him bad news.”

Bad news? I nearly laughed. That was putting it mildly. Finding out my favorite motorcycle had turned to rust would be bad news. Discovering my China had moved on and found someone else would be bad news. Hearing someone turned my daughter into a prostitute while she was still a kid made me want to set the entire world ablaze.

“No. Fuck that shit.” I looked from my daughter to Dingo. “I didn’t fucking kill those people. You find out who did, get me out of here, and I’ll handle the men who hurt my daughter.”

“I didn’t hear that,” one of the guards muttered. “Did. Not. Fucking. Hear. It.” He walked out, dragging the other one with him. At least they had some sense.

“Are you trying to say you’re innocent?” Meiling asked.

I gave a bark of laughter. Innocent? Me? Not hardly. “No, daughter. I’m far from innocent, but I didn’t commit the murders I was accused of. If Outlaw can find out what happened with your situation, then maybe he can help with mine. When I got locked up, there wasn’t anyone capable of digging up that kind of dirt, not within the club, and certainly no one who gave a shit about me. You get me out of here, and I’ll make sure they all fucking pay.”

“On one condition,” Dingo said.

He had some nerve adding a stipulation. Was he trying to keep me away from my daughter?

“What’s that, boy?” I asked.

“You give your blessing for me and Mei to be together.” He cleared his throat. “I love her, and I will love and protect any children we have together. If we’re ever blessed with any.”

“You’re an idiot,” Mei told him, but I saw the affection in her gaze. “But I love you too.”

The way he smiled at the words told me enough. The bastard was head over heels for my little girl, and since they were already married, I might as well learn to live with it.

“Fine. You have my blessing, as long as you make her happy. Fuck up, and I’ll Goddamn bury you where they’ll never find your body,” I said.

The look he gave me assured me we were on the same page. I hoped like fuck the club was a better place than it had been when I got locked up. If it wasn’t, I’d need to find a way to get Meiling away from there. It didn’t matter if she was married to this little shit or not. I’d do whatever it took to keep her safe. I’d failed her until now. Never again.

“I know I’m a stranger to you, girl, but I’m your dad. I get out of here, and I’ll make things right for you. I don’t expect you to call me anything other than Blades, until I’ve earned the right to be called anything else.”

“We’ll have to agree to disagree,” Meiling said. “Daddy.”

I felt my throat grow tight and my eyes stung. I flashed her a smile, hoping she knew how much it meant for me to hear her call me Daddy. I’d missed out on everything. Her first steps. First words. And because I hadn’t been there to keep them safe, someone had tried to destroy my family. Once I was free of this place, I’d seek retribution. I only hoped it didn’t take them too long.

My daughter came closer and put her arms around me. I knew we weren’t supposed to touch but fuck all of them. I hugged her tight, wanting to remember this moment forever.

“Love you, Meiling. Always have,” I said, my voice a littler gruffer than usual. “Even if I can’t get out of here, remember that. You were wanted, and you were loved. Never doubt it for a moment.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

* * *

I hadn’t realized they would have me freed within twenty-four hours. I’d spent eighteen years in prison for something I didn’t do. All this time, I’d thought my woman was safe. Off living her life, providing for our child. How could I have been so wrong? I knew about the evil in the world. Faced it every fucking day, even before I’d gotten locked up. It never once crossed my mind that darkness would touch my two girls, especially since I’d made sure to keep them away from the club.

It had taken a month to handle all the people who’d hurt my daughter and to find my precious China. She’d been dumped in a brothel not too far over the state line. From what the hackers had found, it looked like she was still there. If she wasn’t, I’d beat the hell out of everyone until I got some answers. One way or another, I was bringing her home.

Pulling into the parking lot of the Silk Purse, my heart hammered in my chest. It would be my first time seeing her in so damn long. Did she even remember me? Had they completely broken her?

I got off the bike and headed inside. The moment I saw her my fucking heart broke. My beautiful girl was just as stunning now as she’d been before, even with the scars clearly visible on her face and arms, and a few silver threads in her hair. She gave me a slight bow as I drew closer, but her eyes never met mine.

“Welcome to the Silk Purse. What will be your pleasure tonight?” she asked, her voice still holding the accent I’d so loved all those years ago.

“My pleasure?” I asked. She still didn’t look up. “I came to take my woman home. Our daughter needs her.”

She went still, completely frozen. Slowly, she lifted her head and her gaze locked with mine. The Xi-wang I’d known was there, but just barely. I could see her, but I could also see the road of pain she’d traveled while we’d been apart.


“Robert?” she asked softly. “You went to prison for murder.”

“Didn’t do it.” I reached for her, tugging her against me. “But I did kill a few people since then. They all deserved it.”

I stroked her cheek and wished I could turn back the clock. She’d had my heart the moment we locked eyes that first time.



About the Author

Harley Wylde is an accomplished author known for her captivating MC Romances. With an unwavering commitment to sensual storytelling, Wylde immerses her readers in an exciting world of fierce men and irresistible women. Her works exude passion, danger, and gritty realism, while still managing to end on a satisfying note each time.

When not crafting her tales, Wylde spends her time brainstorming new plotlines, indulging in a hot cup of Starbucks, or delving into a good book. She has a particular affinity for supernatural horror literature and movies. Visit Wylde's website to learn more about her works and upcoming events, and don't forget to sign up for her newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and other exciting perks.


Author on Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok: @harleywylde


Publisher on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok: @changelingpress


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PROMO: Confessions of a Third-Rate Goddess



Memoir / Humor

Date Published: 11-28-2023

Publisher: 9th House


At the end of the 20th century, while mainstream media popularized an expensively dressed version of modern adult life, a rawer, and definitely weirder, reality was playing out off-screen. Columnist and zinester Kathy Biehl chronicled that from a singular and heavily trafficked intersection - collision point, some might say - of young professionals, performing and outsider artists, Unitarians, gays and lesbians, metaphysicians, traveling statues, and people who defied categorizing, many of whom wanted to sleep together, and some of whom actually did.

This essay collection, a followup to Eat, Drink & Be Wary: Cautionary Tales, romps through antics, sagas, and questionable behavior that Biehl witnessed, experienced and, at times, instigated. With eyebrow firmly arched, she snapshots sexual tension, ambivalence, and confusion; perils of fan mail and professional caroling; Groucho impersonators, snooping repairmen, and divine manifestations; ludicrous journeys, backstage dramas, and driveway parties; close-ups with a strange, frightening disease; her own, accidental attainment of goddesshood; and other mystery-marvels of life on the bridge to the millennium.All of it really happened. Nobody could make this stuff up.


Burning Desire


This is not a longstanding, conscious goal. I had to see a couple actually doing it before I formulated this desire. I was sitting at a booth in a ridiculously goofy Hawaiian restaurant, a worthy successor to the tradition of the long-departed Trader Vic’s. (That place had a cachet so powerful that a group of Irish musicians kept a flower-shirted vigil there every night of its last week in business, as if to store up mock Polynesian ambiance against a dreary future of non-accessorized drinking.)

The Hawaiian newcomer offered an ideal setting for lounging about on the receiving end of a garish exotic drink with an equally garish paper parasol. The bar was an island adrift in a mural of sea gulls, clouds, and foamy tide, against which Don Ho sang away with a happy children’s chorus. Beneath its stockpile of Mylar-tipped swizzle sticks and totem-faced ceramic mugs sat a couple who’d opted for the most adventuresome entry on the specialty drink menu. Their straws connected them to a wide-rimmed bowl, big enough to require two hands for carrying, that contained the alcoholic equivalent of the kitchen sink. At the center lept flames.

“I want a man who’ll drink fire with me,” I said to my companion, who is used to such out-of-the-blue revelations. The thought didn’t surprise him; he’s heard something about wanting to shoot fire off my fingertips. He responded enthusiastically, and not out of reciprocal interest or even friendly solidarity. He wouldn’t mind a man who would drink fire with him, either.

The line keeps returning. Days later I think, “I want a man who’ll drink fire with me.” I suspect the thought may contain deep meaning. A Theory immediately begins taking shape.

It resurfaces during a phone conversation with my accountant. I mention the Hawaiian bar excursion. “I want a man who’ll drink fire with me,” I tell him, and he roars with laughter, not entirely as a result of the tension from impending IRS deadlines. As I defend the statement it rises to the level of a Fundamental Truth of my existence.

The concept has now taken on nearly every critical characteristic of the elusive target of my quest. It has fast become my personal Grail.

The image transcends the mere act of sticking a straw in a flame-kissed beverage. It reveals an entire personality. It shows me a complex blend of bravado and flamboyance that makes light of itself, of calculated risk-taking coupled with recklessness and humor, of Γ©lan and adventure expressed with panache.

He is a natural showman, skilled in the grand gesture, attentive to appearances without attaching excessive important to them for their own sake. For that reason he doesn’t take himself too seriously. People can start and think all they want he he enjoys himself; what matter are the opinions of people who’ve lost the ability to play?

He’s spontaneous and prone to cast off responsibility in ways that endanger no one. However modest his normal habits, my fire drinker is reckless enough to ingest liquids in colors not found in nature, to throw caution to the wind.

But I detect profound depths, too. Drinking fire demonstrates that he is willing to jump into an experience, even if it’s potentially dangerous. Even if he risks getting scorched. The act places him within flirting range of the flame as well as of me, and who’s to say which could be more threatening?

The risk doesn’t daunt him, though. He saunters up to the flame without hesitation. His sharp, agile mind and natural intuition tell him exactly where to place the straw to keep from getting hurt. And, most importantly, he shares the experience with me. We sit straw to straw, on equal terms, growing tipsy from the same source, and, when the last drop is drained, holding our straws over the flame and watching the heat shrivel them into a misshapen residue that will perplex the bartender.

Granted, this metaphor leaves out a few things, like not smoking and not hunting for sport, speaking a foreign language, and being equally comfortable in jeans or a tuxedo. All of those were on a list of a hundred-plus characteristics I actually wrote out a few years ago. (Don’t worry; I can’t find it now.) Perhaps it is my previous inability to formulate this desire succinctly that has posed the impediment to attaining Relationship. Naming is a step to claiming, they say.

So here goes: I want a man who’ll drink fire with me. You can laugh all you like. Everyone who hears it does. It’s a silly idea. And that’s why it’s so appealing.

It makes me laugh, too. And I’ll still be laughing when you see a flaming bowl between a pair of self-possessed characters engrossed in mirth and each other. Look with a woman with a raised eyebrow and a mysterious smile. That’ll be me.

About the Author

Since childhood Kathy Biehl has scribbled down observations of human behavior and attempted to make sense of it. She gave up writing fiction long ago. Her first anthology, Eat, Drink & Be Wary: Cautionary Tales, was shortlisted for the 2022 Eric Hoffer Award Grand Prize. Her writing has also won awards from the Association of Food Journalists, Houston Press Club, and Texas Bar Journal. She is a former columnist and associate editor of the Houston Press. She is also the publisher, Editrix, and primary voice of the social commentary zine Ladies' Fetish & Taboo Society Compendium of Anthropology, which existed in print from 1988-1998 and continues online in companion blogs.


Contact Links



Twitter: @kathybiehl



Instagram: @kabiehl

Threads: @kabiehl



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PROMO: A pug's Tale: The Pawfect Match



Children’s Book

Date Published: December 2023

In the heartwarming tale, "A Pug's Tale: The Pawfect Match," meet Roy, an 8-year-old boy with a fervent desire for a loyal companion. His dream of having a pug named Chug becomes an enduring journey filled with anticipation. Through the moments of hopeful waiting and the ticking of time, Roy's wish is granted, and the enchanting story unfolds as he discovers the joy of finally having his pawfect match, a furry friend who becomes his inseparable companion and confidant. Join Roy on this touching adventure that celebrates the magic of friendship and the fulfillment of dreams.


About the Author

Dr. Adam Palladino is a second-time author who wanted to publish a book that would bring humor to his students. As a K-12 educator and administrator, he showed his passion for learning and laughing by creating a pun-filled book. He currently resides in New York with his wife, LisaMarie. When he is not writing, you can find him studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, watching movies, walking around Barnes and Noble or being adventurous with his wife.

Dr. Palladino's first book, Terror in GuacamoleVille was a huge success, and the popularity of it continues to grow. If you have not received your copy yet, please pick yours up now!

Dr. Palladino's second book, A Pug's Tale: The Pawfect Match is a wonderfully adorable book for children from infancy to 8 years old. It has not yet been released, but when it does, please get your copy soon! Dr. Palladino will be traveling around the nation to promote both books, conduct read aloud, meet fans, and sign copies of his books. Please do not hesitate, get your copies today!

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Friday, December 15, 2023

PROMO: The Modern Teen's Etiquette Playbook



Confidence, Communication, and Online Presence for the 21st Century

Young Adult

Date Published: December 3, 2023





Are you a parent searching for a one-of-a-kind social skills guide that helps your teen thrive in both offline and online worlds? Look no further!


This groundbreaking book on etiquette for teens is specifically designed for today's digital age, covering not only traditional etiquette but also the essential art of netiquette.

Discover how mastering etiquette and netiquette can boost your teen's self-confidence in unfamiliar social settings and bring numerous benefits, such as impressing future bosses, avoiding conflicts, and steering clear of unintentional faux pas.

This unique book covers essential topics such as:

  • Self-care and personal presentation: hygiene, nutrition, exercise, and deportment.
  • Posture and body language: tips and exercises to improve stance, walking, and non-verbal communication.
  • Navigating various social situations: car etiquette, building entry and exit, stairway safety, and dining decorum.
  • Dressing for success: understanding body types, choosing the right colors, and sending the right message with clothing.
  • Mastering introductions: making a great first impression and handling awkward moments with poise.
  • Conversation starters: breaking the ice, using humor, and engaging in meaningful discussions.
  • Dining etiquette: what to expect from waiters, how to eat different types of food, and managing formal and casual meals.
  • Netiquette: navigating social media, texting, and other digital interactions responsibly, maintaining a positive online presence, and understanding online privacy.
  • Dating manners: cultivating a respectful and attractive presence in both offline and online dating scenarios.
  • Planning for the future: preparing for job interviews, internships, and professional opportunities in an increasingly digital world.


Give your teen the tools they need to flourish in today's interconnected world by teaching them the art of etiquette and netiquette. This book will help them build a strong foundation for personal and professional success, ensuring they stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression both offline and online.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your teen's life – grab your copy today and invest in their bright future!

About the Author

 At the tender age of three, Alla had already begun a tutelage in social mores and manners at an educational daycare in the Ukraine run by etiquette professionals where she learned the importance of making eye contact, polite greetings, and the basics of dining and table manners. She continued formal etiquette training throughout her childhood and teen years, making several pit stops at esteemed manners and boarding schools throughout Europe, receiving a merit/honors diploma as an etiquette teacher at a prestigious British school where she graduated as an etiquette coach, then mastered the skills of flag etiquette, international relations, high-level delegation visits and conferences in Haag. Alla completed her formal global training on the finer points of American decorum and the cultural differences from continental protocols in New York City. To Alla, founder of the Lluxxall School of Etiquette and Manners in San Diego, geared for children and teens, enriching students on the basics of decorum from the dining room, classroom, and dorm room to the computer room and eventually boardroom is a natural and organic passion and her life’s mission. Coupled with an online advice column for teens, numerous magazine articles, live talks, podcasts, and now this compelling and comprehensive handbook, Alla will be repairing the world by molding a future generation of refined, self-confident, and well-mannered students well-equipped to achieve happiness and success both personally and professionally. Alla has earned two Master's Degrees, one in Education and another in Music and Literature.

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Blog Tour: A Flicker in the Water


Nonfiction / Memoir / Fishing

Date Published: June 26, 2022

Publisher: Mindstir Media

If you're yearning for tales about adventure and fun on the open sea, look no further!

The crew welcomes you aboard the Twister, one of the finest fishing vessels in the Gulf of Mexico, as the search is on for the big ones that legends are made of. Blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, and more are waiting to be caught, just so long as Bob and his friends have the strength to reel them in.

Told in a fun, engaging style, this book combines elements of drama, heroism, and skill with humor and some educational points about the sea and its inhabitants, with plenty of surprises along the way.

The stories will make you feel like you are out on the water yourself getting ready to land that next great catch you'll be talking about for the rest of your life. Experienced seamen and land lubbers alike will enjoy this peek into one of the good parts of life with all of its promises and perils.

The use of the word Tales in the subtitle is a play on the word "Tails" that matches the Goliath Grouper on the front cover. When you look into the mouth of the Grouper, we hope you'll want to look inside this exciting collection of tales.



So insightful and timeless. This is great for any angler or avid lover of all things fishing. 

 It brings everything it promises and gives us real-life events and a story. 

This is true, but it is an adventure. It's great to read about what these people actually go through. High stakes. The crew is fun to read about. Thank you for sharing your journey. 

About the Author

A FLICKER IN THE WATER (Inside The Tales) is my second published work. The first one being a book of poems called “Eagle Claws For Freedom’s Cause”. The latter being so well received it provided the impetus to write this second book. I have always enjoyed the outdoors especially deep sea fishing and wanted this book to focus on those stories. I was born in New York City and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania where the most popular outdoor sport was Whitetail Deer Hunting. Maybe I will write about those stories in a future book. I now live in Florida, where I still enjoy sports of all kinds. Hopefully one day soon I will get to see the Tampa Bay Rays win the World Series. But for now, I will keep myself busy pursuing then writing about landing the “Big Ones”.


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Thursday, December 14, 2023

PROMO: From Manger to Majesty



Children, Religious

Date Published: November 19, 2023


Unwrap the magic of Christmas with 'From Manger to Majesty,' the captivating story of Jesus that bridges generations, uniting adults and children in the wonder of the season.

Here's what makes this book an essential addition to your holiday traditions:

🌟 Timeless Storytelling: Journey from the humble manger to His heavenly majesty, reliving the miraculous story of Jesus' birth in a captivating narrative for all ages.

πŸ“– Family Bonding: Engage in heartfelt discussions about faith, love, and the true spirit of Christmas as you read together, creating cherished memories.

πŸŽ„ Illustrative Wonder: Enchanting illustrations bring the story to life, captivating young minds and resonating with adults, fostering a deeper connection to the miraculous events.

πŸ“š Perfect Gift: Share the joy and meaning of Christmas by gifting this book, spreading the message of hope and redemption.

Experience the true essence of the season. Order 'From Manger to Majesty' today and embark on a Christmas journey that inspires, uplifts, and unites hearts across generations.

About the Author

Being on her own after being homeless at the age of 13, Latoya has experienced and triumphed over many obstacles.

Inspired by the many that has influenced her life, she has lived a life dedicated to service and education. This has led her on a deep spiritual journey and intimacy with God.

She has been known by many titles such as health inspector, veteran, nurse Anesthetist, prophet, teacher, until she finally accepted her calling as God's vessel to do good and guide many back to Him as a Spiritual Life Coach.


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