Wednesday, March 21, 2012

REVIEW: Stone Hard Love by Rachel Firasek

Title: Stone Hard Love
Author: Rachel Firasek
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Date Published: 7/1/2011
Source: Author

What would you do if your newly wedded husband called out another man’s name in the throes of passion? 

Lock him out. 

Macy’s world ended when Storm Stone moaned for his partner in their wedding bed—his best friend and very male partner. She kicked him out and now must mend her broken heart, but fate and a grumpy old man are determined to throw her back in the path of the two men destined to torment her. 

Storm Stone and Reese Jordan are at a loss. Sharing their women wasn’t anything new, but Storm’s been “handling” Macy alone, adhering to the vows of his marriage. Reese would do anything to help his partner re-claim his mate, but a kidnapping, trying confession, and a psych visit later, the three will have to overcome all misconceptions. Loving unconditionally means the difference in a forever love or forever losing their heart’s desires. 

My Rating

My Review-
Macy and Storm had a solid marriage, they were deeply in love and she walked out without a word. After a car wreck that brings Macy face to face with not only Storm, her husband, but his partner and the man who's name she often heard in her husbands dreams, things get heated.

Storm is determined to find out what went wrong. He kidnaps Macy from the scene of the accident and forces her to reveal her reasons for leaving him.

When everything comes out, Macy finds herself wondering if she can be like other women Storm and Reese shared. She is set on making sure Storm is happy in every way, and if seducing them both is the way to do that, than so be it.

Storm is a great Alpha male lead, I loved how even in the threesome he overshadowed Reese. Too often in menage's the men are equals. I like it when one steps up, and it makes sense that guy be Macy's husband.

The beginning of the story goes in a lot of detail of the opening scene and talks and then there is quite a build up to the actual three being together and then not much of a continuation of the story as much as just an end.

Overall, solid story for Rachel Firasek!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed my sexy menage. Thank you for reading!

  2. You are very welcome! Thank you for the opportunity!