Wednesday, August 1, 2012

REVIEW: Whipped Puppy by L.C. Dean

Title: Whipped Puppy
Author: L.C. Dean
Date Published: 5/31/12

Katalina Ferth desires sensual release and a sweet pet to train, one that will obey her every command, but the sexy singer she stumbles upon might be more than she can control. Still, she cannot resist the chance to make him quiver beneath her touch.

Desire for the dark-haired beauty who offers to teach him how to be a good sub sends shivers through John, but her demands unsettle him more than he cares to admit. Left with nowhere to run and nothing to hide behind except the power of her gentle command, can he be all that she needs without losing himself, or will he become nothing more than a temporary plaything to be left behind with the rally rubbish?

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Short and Steamy and Straight to the Point!

When Katalina first sees John on the street he exudes everything that is submissive. She knows she must have him and pounces immediately. When Katalina first approaches John, he sees an opportunity to live out a fantasy he has always had.

The progression of events in this short story is perfect. A little bit of anticipation as their first meeting is drawn out. Katalina's realization that John isn't experienced in the BDSM world and her overwhelming desire to train him to be hers. The fact that John is a submissive with a bit of a bite added something to his character. Which all leads up to extremely HOT sexual chemistry!

The BDSM elements are definitely there. Not to the extreme, but that is to be expected with John's inexperience. The fact that John was the inexperienced one in this and his Domme had to teach him was a nice twist on most stories out there.

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