Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book Review: Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian

My Review:

I have read all of the stories in this series and I was pleasantly surprised to find out this one was about Mira, who we first met as a little girl who's gift was abused by those around her. 

This story finds her as a very broken woman ever since the loss of the man she loved since she was a child. Kellan was her first everything. She is a Breedmate who has worked hard to make it as a Team Leader for the Order. Her hatred for the Rebels runs deep and she often lets her emotions control her actions. Even after Eight years, she refuses to let go of her love for Kellan. 

After a rash decision leaves her demoted to babysitting a genius she finds herself kidnapped by Rebels. Imagine her shock at finding out the leader of the Rebels who have captured her is none other than the man she has believed to be dead for eight years. 

The amount of betrayal and mistakes these two have to overcome is heartbreaking, but the way their relationship builds back up is beautiful.

This story is a great addition to the series and it even introduces a new enemy for the Breed which sets up a new battle that is imminent. 

Love this series. Paranormal Romance at its best! 

ARC Copy Provided by Random House via NetGalley

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