Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blog Tour: The Adventures in Fetishland by Slave Nano

In this bdsm re-invention of the Alice
stories Kim’s life takes an
unexpected twist when she is taken
from the massage parlour she works
in to a fetish fantasy world ruled over
by the Red Queen, a powerful

There, an intense psychological drama is played out between the two women as
Kim enters a journey into submission.

The Red Queen assumes different characters who torment Kim in a series of trials
ranging from the funny and strange to the sadistic and erotic. Kim is lured deeper
into this world by hints the Red Queen knows something about her past. Why
has she been chosen to serve this powerful female? Why is the Red Queen so
interested in her? When Kim finally finds out the truth, it is shocking and bizarre.

Slave Nano writes stories drawing on the
themes of female supremacy, goddess worship,
bondage, domination and submission, sado-
masochism and fetish, frequently in fantasy,
paranormal or historical settings.

His work usually has dominant female
characters and submissive males. His stories
explore the tensions between dominant and
submissive and the boundaries between pain
and pleasure, physical and mental bondage and
retribution and reward.
Slave Nano lives in Yorkshire in the United
Kingdom. He works full time and juggles his
writing with this. His work has been published by Xcite Books and House of
Erotica. Adventures in Fetishland is his first full length erotic novel.


The metal tips of her stiletto shoes clicked against the black and white chequer board floor tiles; each
step instinctively, without thought or effort, alternating between black and white. As she made her
stately progress across the tiled floor she mused on the aptness of the symbolism that reflected the
extremities of the world she inhabited and held sway over: darkness and light, cruelty and kindness,
pain and pleasure, humiliation and reward. She commanded over her domain like a chess master
playing a twisted and beautifully imagined chess game in which she, the Red Queen with a black
heart, orchestrated proceedings and her slaves were pawns. She stood before her gothic mirror and
admired her image reflected within its black cast iron frame. The Queen of Hearts was ready.

“How do I look Duchess?” she asked, turning to her transvestite companion and lady in waiting.

“I’m speechless, madam, really I am. You look absolutely stunning, a true fetish red queen,” she

She examined her image in the mirror carefully appraising every detail of her dress and make-up to
ensure it met her exacting standards. She held her body upright and smoothed the shiny metallic red
pvc panel of the ankle-length skirt, straightened her ruby encrusted tiara and made a final adjustment
to the black heart-shaped choker around her neck. Yes, she thought, she looked perfect.

She turned and stepped off the black and white floor tiles taking a few steps to face one of the male
slaves who served in her realm. His wrists were secured with leather cuffs, which had a rope attached
to them and threaded through a metal ring fixed into the ceiling pulled tight so that his arms were
stretched out. His ankles were similarly bound in leather cuffs and secured to rings set in the floor, his
legs stretched just wide enough to cause discomfort but for the soles of his feet to lie flat on the black
carpeted floor.

Hanging from him his balls was a large cast iron ball weight forged into the letter ‘N’. ‘N’ for Nemesis,
the Queen of Hearts smiled to herself, the name taken from the Greek goddess of fate and retribution
and one of the personas she adopted in the fetish fantasy realm she had created and ruled over. She
lifted the weight up and traced her finger along the letter and then let it drop heavily. The blindfolded
man gasped as the velocity of the falling weight stretched his balls. The Red Queen merely laughed
sadistically at his predicament. She gestured to the Duchess who, silently and secretly, stood

behind her helpless victim and lifted the blindfold from his eyes to reveal the vision of his mistress
transformed into the Queen of Hearts.

The cruel piercing blue eyes, framed in ruby streaked ebony hair, met her victim’s as the blindfold
was removed permitting him to feast his eyes on her. He gasped and then moaned in homage at
the formidable and ravishing presence before him. She stood there, her heaving cleavage held tight
in a shiny electric red pvc bodice festooned with black hearts and framed with a ruff in gold. This is
the part I love, she mused. The look in their eyes when she reveals herself; that look of mesmerised
devotion mixed with fear, fear of the unknown, fear of the seductive torment they know she is
capable of inflicting on them.

“So, are you ready to submit to the Queen of Hearts?”



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