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I will have a Review, Excerpt, and Giveaway. First, let's get to know the Author! 

My name is Daniel, though I use the name Hypnotic Dreams as my 'brand' and my pseudonym. I
hold a BS in Engineering and an MS in Technical Communication. I worked as a contract technical
writer for 17 years, which gave me a broad range of experiences in several different industries.

I began studying hypnosis in the 1990s and joined the online erotic hypnosis community in 1998.
Redemption for the Hypnotist is my first full-length novel. I also have produced 19 hypnosis
MP3s, which are available on my web site.


A demonstration of erotic hypnosis leads to two relationships, one inspiring and creative, the other abusive and destructive.

Darren Braid was a respected psychology professor until a student accused him of trying to hypnotize her into sexual slavery.

The accusation was recanted, but the university dismissed him anyway. Feeling betrayed, Darren retreated into seclusion. But the
FBI believes that his exceptional skill with hypnosis and his tainted personal history make him the perfect undercover agent to
infiltrate a sex slavery ring.

Latoya Douglas works for the studio that’s fronting the slavery ring. She is a beautiful black woman and one of L.A.’s hottest

rap producers. Latoya will do almost anything to support her artists. She decides to 'manage' Darren, and remake him into an evil
mind-controlling genius. She becomes his lover and muse. She inspires and helps Darren produce a hypnosis program to make
women eager for sex with her rappers, and she helps find women to test the program. After three years of solitude, Darren finds
the relationship more inspiring and rewarding than anything he imagined. But he doesn’t know if he can trust her. Is she part of
the slavery ring, or trying to find her missing sister?

Marisa Martinez is a hotheaded young FBI agent. She asks Darren to hypnotize her to act submissive and obedient so she can get

close to the slavers. But the hypnotic programming works too well. Marisa is in danger of losing herself to the submissive role
and becoming a mindless sex toy. Can Darren restore her mind before she’s actually sold into sexual slavery?

My Rating:


My Review:

So I have never read about hypnotism. I have to admit I find it interesting and it was a unique theme to use in a book. As far as the story itself is concerned, I think that the balance between actual story and erotic sex scenes  was well done. 

Darren is a very dominating and swoon worthy male lead. Without anything else, I could have simple read about him alone. Latoya is a very sensual female character which leads to some very erotic scenes. 

I just really think that overall the use of erotic hypnosis in conjunction with law enforcement was very interesting read about. I look forward to reading more from him in the future! 

From Chapter 1

Darren's sport coat felt a little itchy. He hadn't worn it since he'd been dismissed from the university three years ago, and his
discomfort made him wonder if he'd had it cleaned since then. But the discomfort was more likely mental. He had been a
respected psychology professor and an expert in behavioral modification. He'd never given a sales demonstration before. Nor had
he ever considered offering his expertise to ensnare unsuspecting women into sexual slavery. But here he was, preparing to do

He glanced over the CD covers decorating Luv Bandit Muzic's lobby. None of the rap artists were remotely familiar — Darren's
taste leaned towards 70's rock like Boston, Foreigner and Toto — but that didn't matter now. He needed to prepare to give his
pitch. He summoned up a mental image of how he used to feel while preparing for class, and slipped into his old teaching frame
of mind just as the door to the office area opened.

A tall and well-muscled black man, wearing only jeans and a plain black tee shirt, quietly invited Darren inside. The man said
good night to the receptionist, who promptly turned off her computer, picked up her purse, and headed for the door. She smiled as
she passed Darren, granting him a professional wish for 'good luck' even though she appeared to have no idea why he was here.



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  1. Hi, Cami. Thank you for the review, and the nice compliments. I had fun writing this story. So I'm glad to hear that people enjoy reading it.

    I'm surprised that you've never read a book about hypnotism. Or maybe you've just never read an erotic romance that uses hypnosis the way I do?