Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book Review: The Fetish Box Part 1 by Nicole Camden

An enchanting eBook debut about a world where your fantasies come true and nothing is quite what it seems. Come on in to realize your heart’s darkest desire...

Virginal twenty-two-year-old Mary has just inherited a sex shop in Florida from her mother. After a long drive from California, she arrives at her deceased mother’s house only to be confronted immediately with two equally sexy strangers: the strong, silent John and the irreverent, taunting Max. She’s innocent, almost completely untouched, but feels a completely uncharacteristic pull to each man. Shocking even herself, she realizes it’s not an unwelcome desire. 

Max is a playboy who knows how to give women what they want, but John… John might just be able to give Mary something even she doesn’t know she needs…


I really liked the premise of this story. Virginal girl inherits a Sex Shop from a mother she never knew. Apparently her mother was very in touch with her sexuality. The apple definitely fell VERY far from the Tree. 

Enter two men who both manage to turn Mary on like no other men ever have. Here she is a virgin who has had no sexual experience and upon the first meeting with Max, she is acting like a common Hussy. 

I really liked what I have learned about both of the male leads. John is scarred both physically and emotionally. Max is a total playboy. He has several "regulars" when it comes to women and wastes no time going for sweet virginal Mary.  

My main complaint with this book is that it felt like half of a book. I would not recommend reading it unless you have Part 2 already in your possession. This part is mostly Mary deciding to give it a go with one of the men, but not much actually happens. 

To Be Published: February 11, 2013
Copy Provided by Pocket Books via NetGalley

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