Monday, December 28, 2020

PROMO: Misreading Judas



How Biblical Scholars Missed the Biggest Story of All Time


Publisher: AuthorHouse

The Christian New Testament story of Judas is not history. We now have period evidence from Egypt that shows Judas is a cover character for James the Just, successor to Jesus Christ, if there in fact was a Jesus Christ, which is highly debatable. The four Gospel story of the Betrayal of Christ is a tendentious remake of a mastership succession story in the gnostic Apocalypses of James and Gospel of Judas, found at Nag Hammadi and Al Minya, Egypt. Every single detail of the biblical story of Judas is found in its original telling in the gnostic succession story, just inverted -- to hide the successor, James.

Misreading Judas received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in 2018.

About the Author

Robert Wahler is a lifelong practitioner of mystic (gnostic) meditation, and a one-time Evangelical Christian believer.

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