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Date Published: 27th April 2021

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If you suddenly find yourself in the dating world after a long absence, things have changed. Please don’t despair. ‘Once Upon a Tinder’ is here to gently introduce you to the world of dating Apps with some hard earned do’s & don’ts.

Dr. Ann Donnelly recounts stories of electronic communication, first dates & romantic encounters interspersed with learning tips and suggestions for your personal adventures!

As the stories unfold we explore the importance of boundaries, self love and self care while we live, love and learn. We also experience tonnes of self discovery and laughter along the way!

Relationships teach us about ourselves! Every encounter reveals more and more about where we are in our healing and growth as a person.

The overall lessons learned stimulate a sense of hope, and a call to adventure with better relationships between men and women as we grow in our knowledge of each other and ourselves.

There is no doubt about the fact that men and women are opposites, completely opposing forces. This explains why, when we do come together in love and in acceptance of each other, the potential is infinite and it is one of the greatest Magicks in life!

It is time to stop fighting and rediscover the love that is possible between a man and a woman. Your dating App is a doorway. What you do with it is up to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Love Doctor Ann <3


Letter To The Reader


 There are probably an infinite number of reasons why you might be drawn to take time out of your life to read this book. Whatever the reason, I thank you.

 As a student of life, a Goddess, creating my own unique world I have always been fascinated by people, and their stories. I have noticed how their quality of life is coloured by the nature of their closest relationships.

 One relationship, we often overlook, is the most intimate relationship of all, the one we have with ourselves. This is the foundation to everything.

 What do we really desire? What are we willing to negotiate? Where do our boundaries lay? What is non-negotiable?

 One thing we can be sure of is that all relationships are here to teach us, and the depths we are willing to go to, will proportionately reward us with our deepest desires.

 Furthermore, life teaches us. As we grow we gather experiences and form opinions. Those opinions change according to our perceptions at any given time. In order to get the most out of life we need to delve deeper, beyond mere opinion.

 Unfortunately, the vast majority of life is experienced through the subconscious mind. Here, we store unresolved issues from the past. They come up time and time again, to be recognised and healed. Our relationships, especially our closest, are where it will play out the most. Imagine if we cleared out the subconscious mind? Imagine if we could be more present in the current moment. Imagine what our relationships would look like if we did not project our past onto them, thus dictating the same outcomes over and over.

 It takes a brave soul to really look inwardly. In the beginning, we may not like what we see. It is through true examination, with the discipline it takes to keep going, that we reach the goal of tender compassion towards oneself. Only then can we authentically extend compassion to others.

 This book invites you to take a glimpse at the way we relate to each other as men and women, how this is magnified through the looking glass of dating Apps, and how to navigate the conundrums these inevitably generate.

 I’ve been through the maze and learned from the experiences. Men and women have regularly asked me for advice and so I wrote this book, generated a website, and fostered engagement on social media to tease out the learning points and create better understanding and more LOVE between men and women.

 If you would like to connect please feel free to email me, at or check out my website

 If you would like to know more about the tools that I have studied to help me navigate life I’d be delighted to share more information with you. There is a Path towards self-mastery, which helps us become the best version of ourselves and it’s here for everyone to explore.

 Personally, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you every JOY as you create your own adventure into LOVE. Remember, stay safe, choose wisely, trust your gut and honour yourself.

 With my LOVE always,

 Dr Ann

About The Author

Dr. Ann Donnelly MB MRCGP DRCOG DFP DYT Dippallmed LFhom

Dr. Ann, 'the love doctor'', author of Once Upon a Tinder, is a Family Doctor with over 25 years experience working in the NHS. She also has a broad portfolio of work in Palliative and Holistic Medicine. She is often consulted as a medical expert in the media, including Yahoo, Cosmopolitan and Glamour.

Her passion for helping people understand their full potential in life shines through, in this, her first book. It was written from her home in Ireland during lock down while unable to travel internationally. It was born out of a desire to create better understanding and more love between men and women. After her marriage ended, the valuable insights she gained through her personal dating life, gave her the courage to inspire others to 'Dare to Love Again.' In this little book about first dates and romance, she takes the lessons learned and gives a fresh perspective on what each of us bring to a potential relationship. Of course, the most important relationship of all reveals itself over and over, the one we have with ourselves. This dictates the ways in which we nurture and sustain ourselves.

Self knowledge is a key theme in healing and Metaphysical studies. Since Dr. Ann began her studies in Metaphysics with the Modern Mystery School in 2006, she has graduated as a Life Activation Practitioner, a Healer and Guide. She is also an Ensofic Reiki Practitioner and a Fundamental Ensofic Reiki Teacher. She is an International teacher with the Modern Mystery School while joyfully continuing her studies as a Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Teacher.

Divina Ann serves as a Member of the Counsel of twelve women.

You are welcome to connect with her via:

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