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Lieben Cycle, Book 1

Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, LGBTQ

Release Date: August 22, 2021

Publisher:Vræyda Literary

2085 The world recovers from War. A squeal of tires chases Dr. Dieter Karnak, as he creates artificial life under his corporate partner’s begrudging nose. Dr. Robert Dunlevy doesn’t buy into such spiritual nonsense. He builds god damned machines, the way their Conglom overlords want. Karnak's beloved intern Baiko hatches a plan to steal Lieben, before she becomes a corporate ploy.

2155 AD-001 swims to the shore of Vancouver Island. Lieutenant Max Allard is tasked to drag AD-001 back, before the Mater Machine claims 'it' for her own.

AI meets genetic engineering, when the Idless, a collective of anti-label anarchists, attempt to free Dr. Karnak’s android Lieben from the Conglomerate. 70 years later, gene-spliced super soldier AD-001 sees humans for the first time. A spiral of origins chase Lieben’s ghost in this sci-fi cyberpunk adventure...

Come at your leisure. My love is free. My abundance is yours.'

About the Author

Sapha is like a young Wolfgang Pauli, in every laboratory he went, there was a little explosion” - David Roomy, Author of Inner Work in the Wounded and Creative: The Dream in the Body

Cyberpunk & mythology aficionado Sapha Burnell teethed on images of the Berlin Wall falling down. Steeped in divergent cultures, religion & gender roles, the Wild One dedicates her work to the dichotomy between science and spirit.

Author of The Judge of Mystics Series: Son of Abel (2017) & Usurper Kings (2014), Sapha speaks on martial arts in pop culture, comparative mythology, the craft of writing, using film director techniques as an editor, and being LGBTQ in a religious setting. The first in the Lieben Cycle, NEON Lieben inspects artificial intelligence, the rise of quantum computing & genetic engineering in a novel spanning two timelines.

Visit Sapha at on her Discord Server, or on Twitter, Twitch & Instagram @UsurperKings.

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