Thursday, April 14, 2022

PROMO: The Tale of Brian the House Painter and Mervyn



a fable for children and their parents

Children's Fiction

Date Published: April 15, 2022

Publisher: LWL Books

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A novella-length fable about young Brian confined to a bare white room with a mysterious illness. Mervyn, a mere house painter, is hired as the only non-abstract artist to paint Brian's room with the realistic scenes now missing from his life in the fantastic, modern yet magical village of Sandstone-by-the-Sea where Witches and Wizards attend the local Chamber of Commerce. Mervyn stuns all with artwork so real he creates a new, and better world. Complications of a satiric, comedic and fantastic nature soon follow as all the tourists only want to have Mervyn do something like that for them, or to visit Brian's room for a fee charged by his father. As these complications climax Mervyn is chased by a mob but paints a figurative and actual storm in which he escapes in a tidy ending that restores order and leaves Brian with an extra sense of wonder....


About the Author

Lance Lee is a poet whose "Elemental Natures" caps a lifetime of poetry, a novelist "Second Chances" and "Orpheus Rising" (A Best book of 2021, Indie), and playwright "Times Up And Other plays." As an environmentalist he was instrumental in the creation of the state part system in the Santa Monica Mountains running into Los Angeles. Now concentrating on children's literature, "Orpheus Rising" was published in 2021, an epic fantasy for children and their parents, to wide acclaim, and this year he will bring out "The Tale Of Brian And The House Painter Mervyn" (April 15, 2022).

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