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A Recipe for Discovering Your Ideal Career


Nonfiction / Career

Date Published: March 30, 2022

Publisher: Getting Results Inc

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

That may have been fun or easy to answer years ago, but for teens and young adults, it's a question that can be disconcerting at best... and sometimes downright frightening now that the question has become real.


Career choice is a huge decision with layers of consequence.

In Find Your Flavor, Lauren Doyle walks readers through the step-by-step process she uses with the young adult clients she works with which include:

Integrating your interests, strengths, and lifestyle desires to create the recipe for the ultimate career success.

The importance of playing, experimenting, and sampling with potential ingredients to be included in your career recipe.

How to distinguish between enduring intrigue v.s. hobby-like interests.

Better understanding and mastering your own mind for more successful life outcomes.

Guidance on how to get your foot in the door (or on the ladder).

Learn to use existing social networks to help you land a position in your chosen field.

She offers specific exercises that help readers put these critical, but often 'invisible' concepts to work to uncover the perfect recipe for choosing the ideal career. Whether you are a teen considering a college major or a young adult about to launch into a professional role, you'll definitely want to read this book and 'find your flavor' that will put you on the path to success and life-long fulfillment.


What I’ve seen and why I wrote this book;


But you’re not that little kid any more… and career choice is a huge decision with layers of consequence – not the least of which may be a waste of time and money – for making the wrong one. Pile on to that the outside influences coming your way, from parents, mentors, and even peers. It’s probably been pretty easy up to this point. From one year to the next, you proceeded through the system, passing from grade to grade and taking the required courses. Pre-algebra, followed by algebra, then trig and calculus. Others were making the big decisions for you. Now you have to plan your own future.

There’s a tremendous amount of pressure on young adults today to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Well-meaning adults may prod you, asking where you see yourself in five years when you’re struggling to figure out tomorrow. Yeah, you’re facing a big decision at a time in your life when things are about as tumultuous as they can get. A big decision when you may not be at all prepared to make it.

My goal in writing this book is to help you understand that there is so much more to career choice than your personality profile and aptitude tests. There are also far more choices than you can imagine. At your age, I struggled with career choice and set my sights on being either a therapist or an attorney. My profile tests would have sent me in either direction. My parents encouraged me to pursue a profession in law and continually told me that I’d be so well-suited for it. Apparently, I excelled at arguing with them. I took one summer to explore one of my options and spent a few months inside a law firm. It undoubtedly helped clarify my decision – it allowed me to see the inner workings of an attorney’s life and I wanted no part of it. Therapist it would be.

So, I put myself on that path, knowing that I had a long, long road of post-secondary education ahead of me. But I’d made my choice, set my goals, and persevered. I dedicated eight years to becoming a marriage and family therapist and distinctly remember in the last semester of my graduate program, after all the classes and all the time, sitting in a room and realizing that this was going to be the reality of my choice… and my only thought was, “This is not what I thought I signed up for!” Dimmed room, hour after hour, with people crying and depressed, and most appointments scheduled for evening hours when I’m a morning person! I loved working with people but therapy would be too depressing for me.

“Eight years in and what am I doing? Do I have to start over? How can I do something different?” I stepped back to reassess. I knew I loved business, so I considered pursuing a Ph.D. in organizational psychology. Another commitment of time and money. As I grappled with my decision, I had the lucky coincidence to have a conversation with the mother of one of my clients. I told her I was thinking about working under the guise of business, since I both loved and was fascinated by it and enjoyed working with the human mind. She told me it sounded similar to a program in which her husband was working and then introduced us. He took me to an event the following weekend, where I met the founder of a coaching company that I ultimately began working for the day after I completed my graduate program. It was a great fit. However, it was somewhat of an accidental coincidence that brought it to fruition.

Lauren Doyle has been helping professionals make more money and have more fun the majority of her career as a business coach. Due to the fact that her background is diverse and includes a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, she has had the opportunity to help many of her clients’ adult children navigate the daunting challenge of choosing a career they love and to set them up for untold success. Her skillset is an unusual talent that allows her to connect with this younger population and relate to them through her own personal successes.

 This book was written for you because she wanted to codify what has helped her and her clients achieve a life and career by design. Maybe it is her love of puzzles that allow her to help her clients put together the challenging puzzle of choosing a career that will marry each client’s unique talent with their enduring passions to cook up the perfect recipe for choosing a rewarding career ideal for them. 

 Her ‘outside the box’ thinking she helps her clients and herself live a fulfilling business. She truly practices what she preaches. The concepts she shares has allowed her to: live on the beach in San Diego, become a snowbird in her 30’s spending ½ the year on a lake in Michigan and the other ½ in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. She has been able to do this while achieving financial freedom as a result of cooking up her own recipe of creating a national business coaching firm, buying and selling millions of dollars of real estate and being a great Mom and wife. 

 She sat in your place once and has uncovered the formula that will help you ultimately determine yours. Her practical approach makes her style relatable and the steps easy to implement. 

 She has a passion for renovating all things to make them better; from countless properties to hundreds of lives and businesses, she seems to have mastered the art of putting the right pieces in place to create the desired experience. 

 In addition to this book, Ms. Doyle has also written The Hijacker: Overcome Self-sabotaging Behavior, a book that takes a deeper dive into the impact of understanding Human Operating Systems. 

 With her Psychology and business background gives her a unique perspective that is most helpful in writing the ultimate recipe for career success. 

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