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Date Published: 4-25-2022

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In a world where human males were thought to be a historical curiosity, the first man in centuries is born.

Adam Walsh III, a grandson of Adam, researches the life of his grandfather, the first human male to be born in two centuries. After the wars of the twenty-first century, men were wiped out from the population by a virus. Through the spermification process, women were able to procreate without males and soon, men were a thing of the past.

Until Adam that is. Science has never been able to explain his birth, but from the moment he came out of the womb, Adam found himself under constant scrutiny, equally hated and admired.

Males are now slowly repopulating the planet, but they remain rare and are the subjects of hate crimes and persistent accusations. Through his research, Adam Walsh III seeks to end the bloodshed.



I am Adam Walsh the Third.

If not already evident, I am a grandson of Adam.

I am doing this as a way to educate myself primarily, about my grandfather, whose very existence should have been impossible. Few people have impacted the world (for better or worse) the way that my ancestor did, Jesus, Caesar, Genghis Khan, the Prophet Muhammad, and Karl Marx, for example. However, unlike others who have had such an impact, he did it by merely being born, by existing.

It is my intention to interview people close to him, research and otherwise find out about my grandfather’s life. Despite being a direct descendent, I don’t know much more than the average citizen about him. I seek to fix that for myself.

Additionally, it is important to me that the reader get a glimpse, an idea of the lives of modern men, and our particular struggles. Men face a lot in our world, just for being men; I hope to help you, the reader, understand the issues that we face.

Understand what we go through, just for what’s between our legs. As more and more men appear on the face of the earth, we face increased scrutiny.

I will include information gathered from individuals from my grandfather’s life, as well as telling you about the life of the modern man. What we men 1

go through. We live in a world that was not built for us, a world that for decades on decades lived without men. Before my grandfather, most people didn’t even think about men. They hadn’t existed in decades and the disappearance of men was merely a history lesson for most people. Men had become almost a modern legend. So for men to suddenly appear, it’s natural that we would be looked at suspiciously.

As I explore the life of my grandfather, and those around him in his and my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, I will be interviewing them. However, I want my reader to have an idea of what it was like for those that knew Adam, that were affected by him.

There has been a recent resurgence of the hate and prejudice against men in society, due to our rapid increase since the death of my grandfather.

Now that selling sperm is no longer illegal, it’s way more common and so more than 50 percent of men are currently under 18 years old. I have several dozen biological children myself, about half of them boys.

As more of us appear, the hate originally shown my grandfather has increased as people’s initial fears, a world full of men, come to light. Violence is on the rise.

While I have never physically been attacked, I remember as a child having graffiti marked on my home once. As an adult, I have had death threats in public and received mail that ranges from merely mean to psychotic. Even some of my female relatives have issues with this as if being born the old-fashioned way somehow makes them inferior or a part of the problem.

Recently, my cousin Henry who was a leading activist for men was killed. He was fighting against his own and other’s exclusion from specific careers and from top schools and was shot in the back of the head. It’s been over the news a lot lately. My cousin was the best in our family, a certified genius, who worked as an engineer for local wind farms. He had a family and young daughters at home who will grow up without their father. I cannot fix human prejudice, but maybe I can spread understanding.

The hate that was shown my grandfather was more intense than anyone man faces today, primarily because it was all heaped upon ONE person. But it does serve as an example of the experience today.

I also want to be clear that there are SO many allies, most in society do not see me as an abomination, most are supportive or neutral. But there is a small but violent faction that wants us gone, either castrated or killed depending upon the individual. My hope in writing this is that those that are neutral will pick a side, your neutrality is hurting us. Because the truth is that we need you to help us. There is not enough use to protect ourselves on our own.

In addition to this, I want to know about my grandfather, and it is time I get a real job. I have become unsatisfied being a sperm donor and it might make holidays a bit less awkward with my father. My father is an excellent lawyer and leader in the male community, by comparison, I am a failure.


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