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Your Guide to Personal Transformation


Nonfiction / Self Help

Date Published: September 6, 2022

Publisher : MindStir Media

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Overwhelmed by the need to make changes in your life? Constrained by thinking and habits that no longer serve you or a view of yourself that gets in the way? In this wise and action-oriented book, Chris Masiello presents an array of strategies to shift your perspective on how to address, accept, and leverage change. You will find practical insights on the relationship between change and the human psyche, step-based guides on how we affect change and vice versa, and the instruction to put ideas into practice. If change doesn’t stop, we can at least plan for it using Masiello’s astute teachings in Change — Short and Simple.



Welcome to Change - Short and Simple. I am thrilled that you have this book in your hands and eager to tell you a bit about it, how it came to be, and what’s in it for you.

In all of human history we have never experienced such rapid change in all aspects of our modern-day life as we are today. The pace of change is accelerating exponentially, leaving old paradigms and institutions straining at the seams to keep up. While each of us are influenced in varying degrees by this extreme cycle of change, trying to find our own footing is understandably challenging.

We have limited control over the events around us, but we have 110% control over how we interact with them, and that’s why this book is so important. It wil help you gain the tools you need to thrive in a changing world.

We all want a life with as few compromises as possible. Coming from an athletic background, I was taught at an early age that you the play the game the same way you practice. In other words, you have to put the work in up front for greater ease and success in the future. The inverse is true: if you do not put the work in up front, then at some point life will be harder than it needs to be. One way or another we all will have to put the work in at some point.

In my more than thirty-five years of business, leadership, entrepreneur-ship, and personal coaching, I have been blessed and privileged to learn from so many amazing people. What I enjoy the most is seeing people succeed. Helping people get their thinking unstuck to achieve their goals is very rewarding for everyone.

I am the beneficiary of starting my career in a family business. My father is a thoughtful, creative, tough, and amazingly intuitive leader and enterpenuer. We continue to col aborate on family business matters to this day, and I owe much of my foundational knowledge and business prowess to his mentorship. I am very grateful to both of my parents for always exposing me and my siblings to a wide variety opportunities and experiences.

I was equally fortunate to grow up in the small college city in Southwestern New Hampshire of Keene, where I still maintain home today. This community of approximately 23,000 people is an amazing place to live, raise a family, and conduct business. It is a stable, wel -run city where traditional New England values still run deep. The perfect environment to innovate and incubate.

We all get caught up in overthinking things from time to time even though the perfect answers are usually right in front of us. It’s amazing what answers hide in plan site. It only takes the right word, adjustment in our point of view, or metaphor to align our thinking with the solutions. No two people are alike, and that is why each of our journeys is truly unique. In this work we are going to explore strategies for you to custom-design your own optimal outcomes in these times of extreme change so your journey in life is fun and exciting.

There is no escaping the fact that we will all be forced, even chased out of our known comfort zones at some time or another. This book is about how to manage personal change with grace, order, and foresight. To make the most of our lives we will have to change and evolve, so why not do it on your own terms, willingly, and enjoy all the benefits that embracing change can bring you?

I have been fascinated with change and all its intricacies my entire life.

Change is at the center of everything we know today, from evolution, personal growth, history, science, and innovation. No part of our lives escapes change, in particular, now. Our entire known world came about because of change, yet at times we resist change, and in many cases vigorously. We are going to explore why that is and how to use systems and knowledge so that you can successfully navigate whatever situation life presents you with.

In the coming pages we will explore together how to turn the energy we use to resist change into an energetic force for positive personal growth. We wil delve into the science around how we turn thought patterns into habits and how social conditioning can impact our choices.

Learning through curiosity during change will be a constant theme throughout our journey together. Change is a replicable learning resource. When we stay curious about what we are supposed to learn through change, we increase our knowledge capture for future benefit.

This book is purposefully short so that you, the reader, can master change through self-discovery quicker by not having to sort through volumes of pages.

On our journey together, we will be learning concepts and reinforcing them with self-evaluating techniques and exercises. You will be provided with the actual tools you need to help you decode the process of change.

In the first chapter we will be discussing why we don’t like change and the science around it. In the second, we will discover how we can leverage our natural curiosity for positive change, and in the third chapter, strategies for keeping a positive perspective. The benefits of being an active observer will be our focus in the fourth chapter, which will lead us to chapter five where we will explore how we can use our imagination to remove self-limiting beliefs. We will wrap up in chapter six by learning how to become unstoppable through understanding how self-limiting beliefs, ego, and our heart influence us. In each chapter there are short tables and guides to aid you along the way.

Once we strip down our social conditioning and preconceived notions, the truths around life’s circumstances reveal themselves. It’s commonly said,

“Change is the one constant.” At the heart of all change is the truth around what we are being called to work on as we grow and learn. I find it interesting that what we are challenged by is what we are drawn to master. Through the process of change we can find our greatest truths. These truths are beacons guiding us toward the best outcomes of personal change. By removing all the camouflage around why we resist change, you will find your personal ground zero and from there you can move forward with complete honesty to yourself on what you need to work on for maximum benefit.

Enormous amounts of personal energy are used to resist the truth of what we are being called to learn on the way to meaningful change. All the while frac-tionally small amounts of energy are used to find and accept the truth so that you can use change more easily to your advantage.

By taking moments to stop and reflect on our personal journey of growth, we can identify patterns and cycles, and then benefit from the lessons that are custom designed for each of us during these periods. These patterns are pow-erful learning opportunities, and in a bril iance of design, we repeat each cycle until we fully grasp their respective truths and make different choices for better outcomes. When we choose to embrace the truth around each and accept change, we break the cycle.

The first time you do something new, you have increased your knowledge base by 100% in the area endeavored, regardless of the outcome. There is no failure, just learning opportunities. By being willing to accept change with curiosity and excitement, you will gain wisdom from each experience. This is how we build muscle memory around using change to our advantage.


About the Author

Chris Masiello has built a successful, nearly forty-year career, spanning a variety of nationally recognized businesses in the real estate and financial services sectors, accounting for over two billion in annual sales. He continues to lead a portfolio of successful companies.

Chris is also a recognized expert in business and a personal empowerment speaker. News sources such as ABC affiliates, Wall Street Journal, and others frequently seek Chris’s insight, and he has received numerous industry achievements including recognition as one of the most influential trendsetting leaders in the real estate and home services industries.


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