Tuesday, February 14, 2023

PROMO: The Invisible Sword of Flames


Dragon of Darkness


Christian Fantasy

Date Published: January 29, 2023


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An action-packed adventure, Dragon of Darkness, is a fantasy tale of bravery, full of divine power, mystery, and twists! The power of the forever one clashes with the dragon of darkness.

The Followers of the Forever One are destined to defeat the giant dragon of darkness. The group of five brothers and their sister must overcome their fear to conquer the monster while preserving the waning faith of the people following the Forever One. Until Mathias is placed in the line of danger, and he’s forced to defend himself against the threat of peril. Will the Followers prevail and return peace to the land of Perea, or will they fall to defeat?

In The Invisible Sword of Flames Series one, readers will join the believers on their quest to strengthen the people’s faith and become empowered through the word of the Forever One. An action-packed adventure in Dragon of Darkness, the first installment in a thrilling fantasy series full of divine power, mystery, and twists! Book One of five in The Invisible Sword of Flames Series.

About the Author

Patricia Okongwu is an author, a teacher, and a school administrator. She has spent the past two decades working with students in and around the classroom.

She studied English Language in the University and completed a creative writing course at the Institute of Children’s Literature. She enjoys creating characters in her classroom with her students through storytelling.

Her book series, A Weekend at Grandma’s is inspired by the bond she sees between her students and their grandparents and how the children’s faces light up with pure joy and excitement when they talk about time spent with their grandparents.


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