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Blog Tour: The Scars Have Returned

Historical Romance

Date Published: November 28, 2022

Publisher: Mindstir Media

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Lord Stephen Cornwall is the most sot after Duke in England. His family heritage is also the most gossiped about with his mother being a Gypsy. On his morning escape from the world, Lord Cornwall finds a little morsel dismounting in a most unladylike manner. This, for sure, is when he lost his heart and now he must prove his love and save Lady Hastings from the man that is after her family's riches.

Lady Lisa Hastings has become a spoiled little brat that has only been in the world of society's rules for a couple of years. It is her year of coming out into the adult world of society and she is determined to prove to her father that she can do this. Then she meets the beast in the park that steals her heart.




             Standing there with her hands on her hips in that sassy little pose that she has developed so well in the last couple years, Lisa stares at Flora as if she is the one that is doing something wrong. “I cannot believe the thought of telling on me now should even be entering your mind.”

                        “Yes, my Lady I am, you cannot be out running around on that creature of yours without a guard when we are in the middle of London.” Flora announces trying to act just as defiant as her Lady.

                        “I am only going for a ride in the park,” Lisa moans as she throws her riding habit onto the bed. “Besides it is way too early in the day for anyone else to be out and about. So I am sure a guard is not needed. Now if you would please help me into this before others do start rising.”

                        “If I get in trouble for helping you do this again I will, I will sit and write every indiscretion I have ever kept a secret for you and give the list directly to your father.” Flora declares as she comes to Lisa and reluctantly begins helping her dress.    

                        Knowing that Flora is doing nothing but threatening her because she does not know how to write Lisa quietly exclaims, “It’s a deal now if you could please speed this up before I run out of time.”

                        As soon as Lisa was completely outfitted, including one of her favorite hats of course, she was out the bedchamber door as if her sanity depended on this simple ride in the park. She took the stair steps two at a time and was out the back door of her father’s townhouse in but a moment. Looking around like a thief in the night Lisa made sure no one was around to catch her on her little escapade. Finding no one to stop her Lisa made her way to her beloved Luscious’ stable. 

                        Luscious started to prance around as soon as he smelled who was in the stables. “Please stop, my love, you must keep still till we are out on our own.” Lisa whispered as she slid her tiny little hand down the side of his neck.  At the same time, she went up on her tippy toes so she could reach the harness on the hook next to the stall door. It took a bit of effort before it finally came down but as soon as it did Luscious had his head down ready for her to put it on. Then she grabbed the saddle she kept hidden in the back of the stall. This saddle was lighter than the others so she could put it on her horse with ease.

                        Lisa had been taught how to prepare her horse on her own by the stable hands at the castle not long after her father had given it to her. This was her escape from what she called her boring life at her father’s townhouse. It was not long before she had her horse ready and was starting for the stable door.

                        “My Lady, if you do not mind my asking, what you are doing?” Aaron, the stable boy, asks as he comes up behind Lisa wiping the sleep out of his eyes. “You should not be out here doing this on your own at this time in the morning.” Lisa about jumped out of her skin as soon as Aaron’s voice made it to her ears which made Luscious start to squirm and prance.

                        “I did not think you would be up Aaron,” Lisa declares as she proceeds in calming Luscious down, “and would appreciate it if you would not sneak up on me as if I am doing something wrong.”

                        “My Apology’s my Lady but I did not sneak up on you,” Aaron answers, “and I do believe that you are doing something wrong.”

                        “Well, I am not, so if you do not mind, I would like to be off.” Lisa says as she tries to lead her horse out of the stall.

                        “And just where do you think you are going, my Lady, if you do not mind me asking?” Aaron asks putting himself in her way.

                        “For a ride in the park,” Lisa says trying her hardest to wiggle her and her horse around him.

                        “I am sorry my Lady but this I cannot let you do alone.”

                        “I know, I know we are in London, and it is not safe. I have heard this a hundred times already and would prefer not to hear it again.” Lisa utters again trying to get around him.

                        “Your father finds out that I have let you out like this and I will be flogged for sure.” Aaron states.

                        “Not if he does not know, now be on your way like I was never here.” Lisa says again trying to wiggle her way around him.

                        “I have been with your father many years my Lady and am not going to lose my place here now for lying.” Aaron declares enthusiastically. “If you could wait but a moment, I could have a horse ready and come with you myself.”

                        Lisa turns to Luscious for a moment before turning her face back to Aaron with that, oh so innocent, look on it she says, “That would be fine, now if you could please help me on mine and I will wait for you beside the gate.

                        Thinking that he has won this battle Aaron helped Lisa into her saddle and was quickly off to retrieve his own horse. Aaron was but two steps away from her when Lisa throws her leg over her saddle and took off like a man on the run. “My Lady please stop you must wait for me.” Aaron yelled but got no reply. Seeing that she was in no way going to listen to him, Aaron took off like a bat out of hell to get a horse and catch up to her as quickly as possible, thinking to himself, ‘That girl is going to get me flogged this time for sure.’

                        Lisa let Luscious run like the wind through the empty streets loving the cold air on her face as she whipped around the street corners without anyone in the way. She has been to the park quit a few times in carriages with different family members, so she had no problem finding her way. As soon as she entered the park she felt as if she was free of all the binds that her new life kept around her suffocating her more and more every day. After letting her steed have a good run Lisa took him to the pond in the back area of the park.

                        Seeing no one else around Lisa decides to dismount off her horse and let him drink for a bit. She finds a boulder big enough for her to use to dismount. Dismounting from her horse onto the rock and then to the ground in the same improper way she would at one of her father's castles. Lisa gets caught off guard and almost falls to the ground when she hears a voice sounding as stern as a general bellowing an order, to his own horse behind her.

                        Grabbing ahold of the rock to steady herself she turns to find out just who has the nerve to interrupt her morning absolution. Lisa gets the sun in her eyes and the silhouette of what looks like a statue of a creek God sitting on a massive beast.

                        “So, if you don't mind me asking young Lady, is this how the ladies of society dismount these days?” Stephen asks staring down at the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.

                        “It is none of your business how I dismount my horse. Is so rudely sneaking up on women how you always approach them?” Lisa asks sharply as she puts her hand up over her eyes trying to see the arrogant man that has invaded her morning ride could be.

                        “Oh no my dear it is so much more enjoyable to watch the wanting develop on a woman's face when they know I am coming in their direction.” Stephen says as he dismounts from his beast of a horse and starts to come around and stand directly in front of her but before his body could block the sun for her to see him Aaron came up behind them making Lisa turnaround to see who else was going to destroy her outing.



About the Author

Kim is a mother of three, with two beautiful granddaughters. She has had a couple of different careers in her life, like fixing jets, driving trucks, and being a cosmetologist. She has gone through many ups and many downs. The one thing that she enjoyed doing most in life is writing. It seems to be the one thing that she enjoys no matter what.

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