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Blog Tour: The Federal Plantation


A Tale of Subjugation and Injustice


Political Fiction

Date Published: April 26, 2023

Publisher: MindStir Media

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A WRITER IS A WARRIOR, so Liam harnessed and used his fear to expose the Federal Service's subjugation and injustice for the greatest good. Institutions are not what people think they are. Liam saw the Federal Service as an intimidating giant, yet he recognized the very thing that made the giant robust made it vulnerable. Liam knew a powerful institution was something he could not fight back with only hope and the thought of fairness. An institution is not even somebody. It is nothing, and one cannot fight nothing. Liam knew an institution loses its power once it has a human face.

Hilda the Widowmaker was the Angeles' Plantation owner and a highly skilled institutional assassin. She is a disciple of the Enemy, the fallen angel who dominates Paradise Lost. Since the beginning of time, the elite has created a complex system of policies and laws to protect the costly blunders of management. Outmoded rituals and inappropriate dogma have belittled humanity into slaves.

The physical world assaults Liam's faith. The result is an unusual perspective of some of the most ossified traditions in the Federal Service and eye-opening lessons that can be applied when David meets Goliath on the battlefield again.







It cleared out everyone’s thoughts. Archangel Gabriel blew his trumpet and blew it louder, louder than ever before. All the angels gathered in the Heavenly Court and took a knee. Everyone bowed their heads for a moment until they heard a voice.

Martin Luther, a journalist for the Kingdom of Heaven Broadcast Network, stepped out from behind the curtain and motioned with his hands for everyone to take a seat. He expressed, “Everyone, please be seated. My Lord, Jesus, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Angels, and my fellow citizens of Heaven let me introduce an angel who needs no introduction, Archangel Michael, the Commander of the Army of God.”

Hovering out of sight, Michael, the most courageous Archangel in the history of the world, slowly descended behind the podium and motioned for the applause to stop.

 “Enough, please! Enough, please!” Michael pleaded, over and over again, for about thirty seconds. “First of all, I want to thank everyone for taking time out of your day to hear the State of Paradise Lost.”

“Once more, I’ve returned from a mission from beyond the breach of Heaven’s gates, dear friends. Once again, the Enemy’s onslaughts have been interrupted and pushed back, thanks to the courage of our guarding angels.”

The endless applause overwhelmed Michael, and the warmth in his heart caused a glistening, brilliant sapphire blue aura around his body.

“Please! Please! Let me continue,” Michael appealed to the crowd.

“Shielded by overwhelming power and greed, the Enemy’s deplorable base has overrun the Shadowlands known as Earth. The fact is that Eden’s invasion has been under a large-scale attack, and it has been far more challenging to defend every week since Cain murdered Abel. The defection of the human race has, of course, been deeply damaging to our position in the Shadowlands.”

“Mortal men and women remain the great combatants in the struggle for their souls.

“With no hesitation, I say hell is empty, and demons roam freely picking and choosing their next victims.”

“The Enemy seeks to rule, reign, and sway communications and his efforts will continue on an ever-increasing scale until the end of this war. In another year, fake news may attain dimensions formerly undreamed of, and it affords simple minds the shortest road to victory. It’s frankly horrifying to see humans slog through conspiracy after conspiracy, each one tripping over the previous one.”

“All those schemes are run by the Enemy.”

Michael paused, and he reached for a drink of water.

About the Author

The obstacles in Larry A. Lee’s life opened his heart and mind to turn silences into words. A dream lived inside of him as a young boy. Wisdom through struggle and compassion, his self-educated imagination describes the tragic, comic, absurd, ironic, hopeful, and surreal moments of his life. Larry‘s book Out of the Field demonstrates how important it is to dream in one’s life, and he shows adversity unlocks one’s real strengths and values.

Larry wrote Out of the Field to inspire other lost boys and girls to envision another life beyond the conditions of their circumstances, so their futures will not vanish from their mind’s eye. By virtue of self-reflection, he broke free of the imprisonment of a black and white world, and the relentless discovery of Self bore the purity of wisdom through forgiveness. The truth is ugly and uncomfortable, but the future begins with the right choice. Formidable and in the distance, Larry presses forward into the unknown, and he hopes others will follow their dreams.


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