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Blog Tour: The Way of the Tracker

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Releasing April 2022

Publisher: Serapis Bey Publishing


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This book takes you on an adventure of personal development through the detective work of Creative Kinesiology.  Muscle testing gives us the powerful tool we need to delve into any problem. It allows the body to show us what is going on physically, emotionally and in our feelings, with the mind and the spiritual self. Using maps of the body, subtle energies and clues to the problem gives the tracker the direction of healing.  Working creatively with the person and their intent for healing gives us all we need for healing and inner work to begin and continue. We look at the way the latest discoveries from the scientific world add new perspectives on the way the body systems work – or don’t.  Plumbing the depths of our being takes us to the reasons for our stress and anxiety – the traumas, large and small that can create problems in any part of us, including the digestive system, the brain and the nervous system. We may have lost our ability to look forward and reach for our visions and dreams. Help is there for us; in the exercises and techniques we can use for ourselves; some are introduced in the book.  Increasing our awareness of the body’s messages can give us the healing impetus to help ourselves and can take us to practitioners, both in the natural health world and in the medical profession.

Discover this gentle and powerful approach to healing and health for yourself as you read the book – a healing journey in itself.




Become the Detective

I have puzzled long and hard about how to explain the wonders of Creative Kinesiology. It has been and still is, the focus of my working life since the 1980s, becoming a way of life as well as a vocation.

It is now early 2020 and for me this is a year of completion as I step back from the day to day running of Creative Kinesiology. So far, the decade has been marked by a new virus – the corona virus - that is impacting us all. We have no idea where this will lead in the future, although it seems that diff erences in our social structure and possibly our approach to our health and wellbeing are likely. After all, it must be true that the better our immune systems are working the less likely we are to be infected with the viruses and bacteria that can make life diffi cult. I would love to see us all take charge of our health and wellbeing, by doing what we can to prevent ill health and to become more aware of the How of it. Th is is my purpose in writing about my work and the approach I take for myself and for those people I work with. I am truly thankful that I have access to so much knowledge and wisdom in the world that can help in this quest. I am hopeful that this book will speak to you in this way and encourage you and those you work with to seek ways to be full of vitality and enthusiasm for life.

Within this book are many of the stories and experiences that have kept me going for most of my life. Discovering the art and science of muscle testing has been significant, opening doors to my inner self, as well as helping me to help other people. The feedback it gives from the individual being muscle tested, the unique self we all inhabit, shines through as we track problems and difficulties.

Yet – even now – muscle testing is not widely known. In the early 1990s I was one of a group of muscle testers in the UK who set up the Kinesiology Federation, an umbrella organisation for this relatively new natural therapy. It included the fairly well-established Touch for Health and several new branches of kinesiology that were being developed at the time. Muscle testing was what we all had in common.

It had emerged from the world of American chiropractic that added to it the ancient art of acupuncture theory and practice from the Orient, newly popularised in the West.

One of the main aims of bringing the different kinesiology approaches together, forming an umbrella for all, was to publicise kinesiology and the wonders of muscle testing. At the same time other natural health approaches, such as acupuncture and aromatherapy, were becoming well known. Now 30 years later, although kinesiology is better known many people still say ‘Kin … what?’ when I talk to them about what I do.

What I do, in fact, is speak to the whole-body system of a person and listen to what the entire system is saying. For me, understanding what my body is attempting to say to me has been extraordinary.

Our bodies speak. They respond to our symptoms and difficulties and show us the way to the body’s priority order for healing. Our bodies speak in the only way they know how – with twinges, good vibes, pain, pleasure or discomfort – and any of the other possible millions of responses. Symptoms can be the body’s only way of getting our attention. Protection and survival of the self are the only things that really matter to the body and it will do anything to ensure this happens.

Throughout this book I am your tracker and guide. I stand alongside you as a support and supplier of the maps that may help you find your location in a particular landscape. I can witness and hear what you are saying and recognise your distress. I have several tools that will help to bring balance to your story and promote change when the time is right and when your body asks for this to happen. I am not the only one who is able to do this; we have a body of Creative Kinesiologists who do the same in many parts of the UK and abroad.

Other kinesiology modalities offer similar help, using muscle testing to discover what is happening for a person.

As you read this book, I lead you on the journey of the hero or heroine that begins with courage – the courage to jump off the cliff or set out along a path into the unknown. You will start, as we all do, with following five gifts.

• Your talents – known and those yet to be discovered.

• Your knowledge and skills – gained in your life so far.

• Your incredibly valuable life experience – your story.

• Your body that remembers everything and knows all about you.

• Your enthusiasm and passion for discovery and learning more about how you tick.

This is the starting point for a journey into the symptoms, difficulties, problems, stresses, traumas and issues you may be struggling with.

Through muscle testing we can track our way through all of these issues that have led us to this point. Having arrived, it is possible to accept and recognise this place you are in, and to discover if you and your entire bodily system is ready to change. Along the way we can rediscover and promote balance in all aspects of our being including: body; mind; emotion; and spirit. Creative Kinesiology offers us the tools to do exactly this. Keeping our balance helps us to develop resilience and the ability to stand, rather than fall, with whatever life throws at us.

This book outlines the work of Creative Kinesiology by travelling the trackways and landscapes to view our stories in bodily form.

Creative Kinesiologists are detectives; we love to discover the story and the story behind the story. These hidden stories are rich as they release their treasures, as well as the energy that has been locked up and can now be ready to use. The tools we learn add to our innate gifts and talents, helping us to restore balance for ourselves as well as other people. Our maps guide us, offering keys to unlock difficulties along the way. They tell us what we need to know for the journey ahead.

When we are ready to look at what lies behind us from our past, our ancestral heritage and the societal past we are a part of, as well as what is beneath our feet, we may discover important earth energies (those around or beneath us) which are present in a balanced life. We see that our connection with the natural world actually enhances our healing capacity and wellbeing enormously. Looking into the reality of our innermost thoughts and beliefs can unfold the deepest treasures, coming from what may have been locked away and discounted for a very long time.

At any time, we may find our clients and ourselves, in the thick of it. We may discover the origins of discomforts, aches and pains and even disconnections of our heart and soul. When we are in the woods and the pathway through may be unclear these can be the labyrinths of old hurts, trauma and wounding. We may find that we are stuck in repeated patterns, habits or emotional quick-sands not yet unearthed.

This is when we stay alongside our client or ourselves, to help them and us find the path, while offering clues to the way through.

As we emerge from the deep woods we can breathe and look around us. Our tools help us to find the energy we need to move on, to change if we need to, or to find the new perspective that will help us to get through this particular knotty problem. As a result, we build our resilience and are more able to deal with life’s ups and downs and the challenges they present us with.

Throughout all of this, we work with the two following major precepts.

1. Our aim as the tracker is to be alongside the person on their journey – working always in their highest and best interests.

2. The person’s intention or goal for their healing is vital – the tracker uses this intention as the compass to guide the direction of the sessions.

Intention is paramount because it shows the tracker the direction to take, it gears the body and all the systems of your being to demonstrate what is out of balance, what is the priority issue and what healing help may be needed. Above all, it will show the way to your next point of change with the healing that may benefit you on your journey to your destination, your vision for the life you wish to lead.


  About the Author

Carrie Jost started her working life as a town planner and after having two beautiful daughters she moved on to become a community worker. When this work was coming to an end, she changed direction to work in the field of natural health and wellbeing and has continued ever since. Carrie has been a practitioner and teacher since 1987. She describes herself as a kinesiologist and has also trained as a psychotherapist and shamanic healer, as well as studying many other bodywork and energy work methods. Bringing these different approaches to health and wellbeing together has been her life’s work and vocation for more than thirty years.

She established the UK’s School of Creative Kinesiology in 1990 and was involved in setting up the Kinesiology Federation in the UK in 1991.

Carrie has worked with hundreds of people during the years; has trained many practitioners and teachers; and thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. Even though she is now an elder, she still sees clients and teaches. She also plays a part in the continuing journey of Creative Kinesiology.

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