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 A Mauzzy & Me Mystery, Book 2

Cozy Mystery, Young Adult Mystery, Mystery

Date Published: 08-15-2022

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


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After encountering a brief power outage at work, college student Sara Donovan might be allowing her imagination to run wild. The main vault in the Carlton Museum holds the Fire and Ice Exhibit, a collection of rare gems, including the Star of Midnight, a 175-carat diamond. Although all the stones are accounted for, Sara suspects the Star of Midnight was stolen and replaced with a fake.

While conducting her own investigation, what Sara uncovers is beyond even her wildest imagination: a coded message, papers with strange characters, and a mysterious set of numbers carved into an office wall. Despite dismissive historians and other experts, she is certain these clues point to a mysterious centuries-old legend.

Unfortunately, her colorful history of usually being right, but always being wrong, means she must solve the mystery to prove her theory.


An eerie silence filled the air in the windowless, pitch-black vault. No humming from the air conditioning. No buzzing from office equipment. No noise whatsoever. And with my phone securely stowed in my purse back on the desk, I had no flashlight during a power failure. Talk about a recipe for disaster. I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face. 

With hands out front, I felt my way out of Boss Lad’s office, only cracking a shin once on what I believe was a guest chair.

Just as I made it to the doorway, Mauzzy began pitching a fit off in the distance, yelping hysterically. Something was wrong. Horribly wrong. I needed to get to my phone. Fast.

I picked up the pace, perspiration working its magic in all the wrong places as the air grew stagnant. Hugging the wall, I pushed through the suffocating black toward the faraway hyperventilating Mauzzy.  My brain issued the alert to slow down because there was a—


—copier coming up along the wall. That I was now draped over, hugging it like an overindulged sorority girl clinging to the porcelain throne.

Sliding to the ground, I crawled on hands and aching knees toward what I prayed were the cubicles. As I inched across the filthy tile floor, I debated what was more important. Getting my phone and using its flashlight to find Mauzzy, or grabbing the hand sanitizer in my purse and saturating my hands with the lifesaving gel.

Oh my God, what the heck did I touch? Anything that’s slimy under your hand as you’re crawling along a floor can’t be good.

The debate was over. Hand sanitizer shot to the top of the list. Mauzzy’s yelps became frantic screeches, so I scooted across the floor, mimicking an ambitious infant making a break for it. Sweet Handsome maniacally scratched away at something, and this time, it wasn’t his butt. He was pawing at some kind of hard surface. Like a wall. His screeching became more of a—


I found the cubicles.

With my head.

About the Author

B.T. Polcari is a graduate of Rutgers College of Rutgers University, an award-winning mystery author, and a proud father of two wonderful children. He’s a champion of rescue pups (Mauzzy is a rescue), craves watching football and basketball, and, of course, loves reading mysteries. Among his favorite authors are D.P. Lyle, Robert B. Parker, and Michael Connelly. He is also an unapologetic fantasy football addict. He lives with his wife in scenic Chattanooga, Tennessee.


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