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PROMO: Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash



Paki Perkins, Hiwalani Perkins, Puniaikeao Perkins & Alapaki Perkins

Children's Book (Illustrated)

Date Published: 11/22/22

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MAHALO DOES NOT MEAN TRASH: A Journey of Learning, Fun, and Gratitude

Discover the significance of Mahalo, the sacred Hawaiian word for thanks, through the perspectives of three remarkable young authors!


Hiwa and Keao are introduced to their relative from California. Although his interpretation of "Mahalo" is incorrect, it gets them to ponder the word's meaning, and it will do the same for you!


This critically acclaimed children's book is a heartwarming story about gratitude and the true meaning of this treasured Hawaiian tradition taught by pupu (grandma) to her mo'opuna (grandchildren).


Within this beautiful Hawaii book for kids and above, you will find:

Three Adorable Main Characters: Learning about their culture and how to be better human beings

Written By: AJ Paki Perkins and his three talented teenage children

Inspired by: Author’s Home State of Hawaii and its hospitable Culture


Learn Thankfulness with the Beauty of Aloha Islands

Interesting knowledge, amazing penmanship, and fun-filled storyline to educate your kids and bond with them at the same time.


The kindness book for kids "Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash" is here to be a source of both education and entertainment for your little ones. It is an inspiring story, brimming with the marvels of beautiful Hawaiian culture. In the Aloha state, Mahalo means "thank you," and using it is a wonderful way to demonstrate to your kids on how to show appreciation towards friends and loved ones.


Kindness, Compassion, and Connection to the Ancestors

"Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash" is not just any book for 4-year-olds. It is a recipe for kindness to be instilled upon growing minds.


You don’t even need to have ties to the Hawaiian culture to fall in love with this kid’s book about Hawaii. The uplifting message within, intertwined with a strong connection to ancestors and pure culture will appeal to readers of every background or age.

Who knows? You could even pick up a few new Hawaiian words too!


A Priceless Literary Treasure and Token of Appreciation

An inspirational book for kids, written with care to distribute affection, with some hidden lessons for both young and old.

Great Birthday, Christmas, and Thanksgiving gifts for kids, if you are looking for something special this holiday season. This gratitude gift will definitely bring some aloha spirit into any home or classroom!


Learn About the Culture of the Gorgeous Aloha Islands

A fantastic opportunity to educate your children more about Hawaii!

This thanksgiving book for children delivers a beautiful narrative while also exposing youngsters to Hawaiian language. If you're planning a trip to Hawaii, it is an ideal read on the airplane, hotel room, or beach.



Perks Publishing, LLC, was founded and is owned by the three siblings (ages 13, 15, and 17) who created the book with their father. The foreword is written by Lee Brower of "The Secret" who talks about the Gratitude Rock.

 About the Author

AJ Paki Perkins is a renewable energy and sustainability CEO – turned award-winning author who best known for his work teaching Hawaiian Values through story. He and his children (HIwalani – 17, Puniaikeao – 15 and Alapaki – 13) wrote the award-winning children’s book: Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash, fun story about gratitude and the true meaning of this treasured Hawaiian value taught by pupu (grandma) to her mo'opuna (grandchildren) that makes you take pause for the truly important things in life.

Paki is a semi-finalist on the new TV show: America’s Next Great Author. He just finished his learning course called “Visit Hawaii Like A Hawaiian” to help first time visitors to his home in Hawaii. He is also finishing his first business book which is a parable on how the values of MAHALOHANA can change your life, family, community and business.

"Our parents are HAWAIIAN and our ancestors go back to the kings and queens. We’re the non-royal side. Lol

We were born on the Windward side of Oahu. We went to school there for a little while until our ohana (family) had to move to the California where our dad lives. We lived there for a while and then moved to Alaska where we live with our mom."

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