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Blog Tour: The Highs & Lows of Flatrock



Date Published: 01-13-2023

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“Oops,” said God.

These words were uttered just after the creation of the planet that would be called Flatrock, and from there, things only got worse.


All Milo wants is a life full to the brim with peace and quiet, though his new work associate, Heidi, is a little more adventurous, wishing to see everything the wide world has to offer. These unlikely friends see the planet at its best and worst, from ancient wonders, to repulsive paperwork, and everything in between, learning all the while just how astounding the world can be.

The Highs & Lows Of Flatrock is a cosy comedy following Milo, Heidi, and the people that surround them on this weird planet as they fumble through the complete catastrophe of life and humanity left in God’s wake.

Welcome, everyone, to Flatrock!



     Bureaucracy is the worst thing in the world, period. Some people might argue that genocide is worse, but those people have never had to move house in an upward chain. Primitive cultures don't care for paperwork; if you want something built, you build it, but in the more “modern and civilised societies” that exists now, bureaucracy now entails transforming yourself into a circus animal just to gain easier access to hoops for you to jump through. In bygone days, if someone argued about your construction work, you could kill them, but unfortunately, prisons have been invented since then. If this universe has an afterlife, and a punishment for your misdeeds, I believe it involves reading a housing agreement until you understand it, at which point an even more complicated agreement will be drafted to amend the original, continuing for eternity.


About the Author

Luke Harrower is a new author from the UK who enjoys comedy and fantasy writing, ranging from light-hearted sitcoms to dark and twisted horror. Luke has spent much of his adult life writing, watching, and performing comedy in some form. After finding out he had a speech impediment called “Being Scottish,” he decided to focus on the written word rather than speaking.

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