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The New Playbook for Women at Work


Women in Business

Date Published: 03.01.2023

Publisher: New Degree Press

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“Pick up this book now! Every woman wants to believe she is on the precipice of something major and this book gives you the tools to get yourself there. Randi Braun has created a fun and practical way forward for women who are looking to channel their inner bad-ass, crack the leadership code, and soar!" - Jen Mormile, Chief Business Officer of Condé Nast


She’s changing women’s lives, one play at a time.

Women are natural leaders but they’ve been taught to play the game by an outdated set of rules. So certified executive coach, Randi Braun, wrote them a new playbook.

In Braun’s book, Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work, women will discover how to play the leadership game on their own terms and win when it comes to achieving their goals: whether it’s cracking the code on your self-doubt by ditching perfectionism, external validation, and the tyranny of your inner critic, or learning new tactics for owning your message (don’t miss 16 things she forbids you to say at work). Braun’s book provides a fresh take on one of the most tremendous challenges of our time: empowering women at work to chart their own course to the top — dialing up confidence and fulfillment, and dialing down burnout in the process.


In Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work, Braun takes the field and re-writes the plays of the game. She is a sought-after thought leader, speaker, and CEO of the women’s leadership firm, Something Major. Her book delivers stories for today’s women leaders in a conversational style that’s packed with sage advice and wildly entertaining.



“Randi, I just have no desire,” she whispered into the phone, worried somebody might hear her, even though she had called me from her home office.

Letting out an audible sigh, she luxuriated in a moment of relief for finally saying the aching, silent part out loud. “In fact,” she confessed, “I honestly can’t even remember the last time I was even in the mood.”

It took every ounce of self-control I had not to spit out the second—okay, third—cup of coffee I was sipping. Placing my The Bags Under My Eyes Are Chanel coffee mug on the fireplace mantel, I leaned in as though she was sitting right in front of me. “Tell me everything, Ana.”

 “There should be sparks,” she explained, “but there’s just nothing lighting me up. In fact, this amazing thing happened with my boss yesterday…”

That’s right: she wasn’t talking about that thing you think she was talking about.

We were talking about work, and about a relationship to work that used to feel fresh and exciting but was different now. Ana could hardly remember the fireworks she had once felt in this job. Nothing had gone wrong, but things didn’t seem quite right, either. That led to Ana looking around, asking herself, and even asking me, “Wait, how did I get here?”

She had played by the rules and done everything “right.” Instead of the happily ever after she had been promised, she was left with a case of low work libido, and—unfortunately— there’s just no little blue pill for that.

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