Friday, November 23, 2018

Review: Grow With Your Man For "Real" Women

Grow With Your Man

"Grow with Your Man For "Real" Women" is based on men women relationships and about women living independently. It is a must-read book for all women, either you are married or unmarried; either you are working or non-working. It will change your mentality and style of living with your partner and i am sure you will start loving yourself and your life. It's not only a book, but a guide that will help you to be realistic in life and will also teach you how to respect yourself and your partner.
In today's time it is very important to get a man with matching work ethic with less of a co-dependent relationship. In this book you will learn:
How to step out of your comfort zone and find someone truly compatible with you.
How to stop attracting men who take from you. Find a man who gives to you.
How to choose a man who will love you, cherish you and respect you.
How to be the one who beat the odds, not a statistic.
How to measure your range in relationships.
How to open yourself up to the man who is not damaged and will in turn damage you out of spite.


This was an eye-opening read for me. I wasn't sure how much I would agree with and how much I would disagree with. Let's be honest, in this world, having your own opinions is a good thing. That doesn't mean you should discount the opinions and thoughts of others, I think that opening our minds to others way of thinking really helps us in the long run. I found several things in this story that really helped open my eyes to certain aspects of my relationship.

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