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A Memoir full of Family Betrayal, Homelessness, Survival, Forgiveness and Love


Date Published: August 1, 2019

Publisher: ‎Mindstir Media

LARRY A. LEE’S JOURNEY TO CLAIM HIS SOUL began at seven years old when he chose to defend his mother against his alcoholic father’s physical abuse in Unionville, Connecticut. ­ Three years later, his mother passed away from infectious hepatitis. Before her passing, Larry promised his mother he would grow up to be a “Good Man.”

Since the age of ten, life undoubtedly threw itself against Larry time and time again. All forms of unspeakable torments and challenges made up his adolescence in Burlington, Connecticut. At eighteen years old, while he was living in a field in Oklahoma City, a single act of kindness saved him, and it forever changed his life.

And so it was, his journey of ten million miles to keep the promise he made his mother led him to a seven-year-old boy, who adopted him. Larry held love in his hand, and then he conquered his world.


The suffering of my life had just begun.

Observing my father, I saw an ugly and mean man. He had shot glass eyes of insolence and a heart of empty will, and he was a destructive force to all those he gazed upon. He had so many different faces that I couldn’t recognize him from one day to the next. He told so many different lies that I quit listening to him. A mere child, I looked at the stranger who fathered me and knew I could never trust him.

As I comforted my mother from the storm’s damage, I helped her to her feet and walked her to her room. I whispered the sweet loving words,

“Love you, Mama,” only for her ears.

A weak smile crossed her face.

Traumatized by my father’s actions, she sobbed and shook the whole way. Nothing he would ever do could stop me. I put on my winter jacket.

All my efforts were out of love. I went outside and grasped the snow-covered shovel. By the white haze of the moonlight, through my hatred, I toiled, dug, and chopped away all the ice and snow from the walkways around our house. Finding solace with each chopping motion, my tears froze before they hit the ground, and I shouted at God about my father’s abuse, “Why God? Why me?”

My young mind lit the match to the light of reflection. Life seemed overwhelming and impossible, but when I looked into the improbable, I found concealed in the doubt and skepticism the foundation of faith. My self-dignity fought my father’s indifference and neglect. The purity of my heart and mind allowed me to believe in the power of God. The gift of observing facts and understanding conclusions christened my eyes with intuition. The strength of my love was born in the defiance of human despair.

It was a gift my young mind couldn’t yet fully understand. The liberty of my eternal consciousness coupled with the fiery tongue of my youth made for a spirit-filled evening. Keen-eyed, I complained to God about the dry rot in people’s souls, and I didn’t know how people let it get there.

I thought, “Shame on them for what they become.”


The obstacles in Larry A. Lee’s life opened his heart and mind to turn silences into words. A dream lived inside of him as a young boy. Wisdom through struggle and compassion, his self-educated imagination describes the tragic, comic, absurd, ironic, hopeful, and surreal moments of his life. Larry‘s book Out of the Field demonstrates how important it is to dream in one’s life, and he shows adversity unlocks one’s real strengths and values. 


Larry wrote Out of the Field to inspire other lost boys and girls to envision another life beyond the conditions of their circumstances, so their futures will not vanish from their mind’s eye. By virtue of self-reflection, he broke free of the imprisonment of a black and white world, and the relentless discovery of Self bore the purity of wisdom through forgiveness. The truth is ugly and uncomfortable, but the future begins with the right choice. Formidable and in the distance, Larry presses forward into the unknown, and he hopes others will follow their dreams.


Larry’s fiction book The Plantation is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2021. 

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