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Date Published: March 24, 2021

Publisher: ‎Balboa Press

Ever feel like you missed a turn in the road? If you were given a magical handbook with your name on it, containing divinely generated guidance specifically for you, would you want to know what it contains? What if this guidebook is meant to help you live your best life? Through mystical yet true stories, practical examples, and tools, Vade Mecum will help you: ? Understand that you are guided at all times, sometimes in unbelievably mysterious yet magical ways. ? Realize that when you tap into this guidance, struggle and doubt become unnecessary. ? Discover how to live your life on purpose and in flow. Never miss another turn in your road again. Open Vade Mecum and start your guided journey to live as your bold, best self.



       The more I tug at the metaphorical string that I imagine will lead to uncovering whatever mystery I try to solve, the more it seems that everything is, indeed, connected.


       Our thoughts and emotions affect our energy and the frequency of our vibrations.


       When I know and trust that I am guided, the right messages, synchronicities, and people show up in my life in divine order.


       The more we tune into the guidance, the more we recognize that it is within us and all around us.

About the Author

Carla Camins Macapinlac, the owner/founder of Vade Mecum, LLC, is an author, reiki master practitioner, and energy healer for those seeking to follow their divine path. After a successful thirty-year career in healthcare, she walked away from the corporate world to embrace a deeper calling. Through group workshops, personal coaching, and energy healing, Carla uses her intuitive gifts to help others tap into their own intuitive guidance system and live as the bold architects of their lives. She lives in the California Bay Area with her husband and daughter.

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