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Blog Tour: Time of the Lioness: Internet Apocalypse



Apocalypse, Post Apocalypse, Thriller, Female Heroine, New Adult

Date Published: 10-04-2021


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You’re at work, in school, at home, out shopping, trapped in an elevator, or sky-high on an amusement park ride when the power and lights suddenly go out. For a moment, you’re just annoyed, expecting only a momentary problem. Doesn’t happen! Along with the power outage, all means of communication have been severed. The Internet is down, and a terrorist’s face on the screen gloats. Fear now creeps into your optimism. Hours later, with a world overly dependent on cyberspace, global economies begin to crumble from this irrevocable cyberattack. Totally freaked out, what will you do to survive the anarchy?

Annie Oakley Frye is a Cyber Warfare Specialist accepted cyberspace had become a cesspool of evil based on the multitude of daily cyberattacks. Annie does not live in a dystopian, fantasy world like Katniss Everdeen, Beatrice Prior, and Lara Croft—she lives among us. Once she discovers this invisible menace is lurking in a million networks, and it can’t be stopped from obliterating world economies, she sheds her mild-mannered personality and becomes the lioness of her youth to survive. Out of kindness, she warns her friends about this approaching cyber nightmare, but they scoff at her insider information and doomsday scenario, believing the government won't let it happen. Once the cyber nightmare launches a surprise arrives at her door!



“I can't put your book down. It's a page turner for sure. Really having an awesome time reading it.”






While listening to their frivolous bullshit, Viktor’s face showed impatience and annoyance.

Mariya noticed Viktor’s sourpuss face. “Why aren’t you sharing your dreams with us? What’s your problem?” She thought the creep was such an asshole. Thankfully, she could receive her millions without needing to see his ugly face again.

Sergei drank more vodka and puffed on his cigarette. “Which corporations begged for mercy? Google? Microsoft? Amazon?”

Stifling a giggle, Viktor cherished this long moment of glory. “I’ve not blackmailed any government or corporation. There are no ransoms in a bitcoin account. I used your greed to enlist your help in the development of a weapon for my glorious jihad.” Now he expected their shock and disbelief—rage and condemnation—their spiteful desire to retaliate against him.

“Hilarious,” Sergei scoffed. “Look, Mariya, he has become a funny comrade.” He turned to Viktor without a smile. “Okay, you have made your joke,” he said, his anger leaping into his words. “Now show us the money. I want to see our millions.”

Deceiving morons amused Viktor. Controlling Sergei and Mariya, as if hand puppets, was most enjoyable. His words sounded clownish. “The three of us are penniless!”

Annoyance and irritation gnarled Mariya’s face. “How silly. Have you given in to vodka today? You’ve become as playful as Sergei?”

His harsh laugh resounded off the walls as if standing on the stage in a grand theater. “The virus you brilliantly modified hasn’t made us any profit. You created a weapon for Allah. A weapon that will crush evil nations. And after the ashes cool, Sharia Law will guide the survivors to live a sanctified life.”


About the Author

Like Shakespeare and Hemmingway, I am an eclectic writer. My stories develop from my imagination and passions, usually just before I fall asleep. Before I became an Indie author, I had two novels published by a respected independent publisher, which went out of business. Since books cannot be removed from Amazon, A Sinister Obsession is now Dead Can’t Haunt You, and Stardust Dreams will soon be Forrester’s Folly. During my clinical careers as a School Psychologist and Clinical Social Worker in private practice, I had a book on human nature published by a traditional publisher and when the editor passed away, it vanished. That book will be updated and launched next year. Happily, I am now an Indie author with the same quality of work but now under my control. My genres have been horror, suspense/thriller, senior romance, sci/fi, and now apocalyptic, which is based on my worries about the precarious future of cyberspace. Besides writing, I am an avid golfer, bowler, and tennis player. I reside in Florida with my lovely wife and Mickey, our handsome Shih Tzu.

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  1. Thank you for hosting my novel today. I am here to answer any questions or comments.
    S. B. Redstone

  2. I enjoyed the excerpt, S.B, and I enjoyed following the tour and learning about your very fascinating and thrilling book! Good luck with your book and I hope the tour was a success! Thanks for sharing it with me and have an Awesome Weekend!